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The Winds of Truth are a set of six Sacred Texts that are the result of a collaboration between LORD MIKAAL and HIS daughter Mrs. De Vere Smith (CHARVARINIS) through a method of deep trance channelling. The main Text, THE YANIHIAN SCRIPT was written and published in West Hampstead, London in 1939, with the further five texts released in Glastonbury in 1942.
For 80 years these books have been protected and promoted by dedicated Trustees – ‘Silver Lily Sanctuary’ 1936 – 1943. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Lily’ 1943 – 80’s. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Dawn’ 1980’s – 2005. ‘The Winds of Truth Trust’ 2006 – 2019.

In 2020 it was decided to update and re-present theses Sacred Texts to a Awakening Global audience.

Under instructions from LORD MIKAAL, the texts have been reformatted with new cover designs; photographs of drawn portraits of the Thirteen SOLAR LORDS are included and a new Forward Written by LORD MIKAAL HIMSELF. The Winds of Truth Expanded Edition 2020 books are now copyright protected and promoted through The Christ Rose Sanctuary in Glastonbury.

These Sacred Books have been lovingly prepared for publication. We have now received the donations to publish these Sacred Books and aim to publish them for sale at the end of October. Watch this space for an announcement.


Part 1. The Yahinian Script. Describing the formation of the Earth and the birth of the first Human Beings in the image of GOD, in the first Earth Ages of Yanini. The Temple of JESIAS in AVALON.
Part 2. The Conclusion of the Yanihian Teaching. Church Tenets. The Fall of Man and the destruction of Lhamanha (Atlantis).
Part 3. The Truth of the Arthurian “Legends.” The first Essene Monastery at Tintagel Cornwall in 750BC and Holy Grail. The Sword Escaburre. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
Part 4. The 12 GREAT COSMIC SOLAR RAYS – Descriptions of each RAY, with portraits of the SOLAR LORDS (ARCHANGELS) who Control these RAYS for GOD.
Part 5. The Rebirth of the THIRTEENTH RAY. The SOLAR LOGOS of GOD. The Fall of Samanah. LORD SHANVIS of the THIRTEENTH RAY of SOUND Speaks.

264 pages.


Describing the second and final Earth Mission of YESHUA during the Second World War and HIS final Ascension from the Chalice Hill, Glastonbury in 1941:
Messages of Goodwill from LORD MIKAAL and other SOLAR LORDS.
The Adept of LIFE and LOVE, The Origin of JESIAS from The HEART of GOD.
The Ascent of KING ARTHURE and HIS Knights of the Round Table – with THE MASTER.
A Vision of Loveliness – The Birth of The First Rose.

71 pages.

My Son by Mariya (Mary)

Describing the Life of YESHUA from HIS Birth, through Childhood to HIS Teaching Mission, murder and Resurrection.
HIS Birth and The Star of the SOLAR LOGOS.
HIS first visit to Glastonbury aged 12 with HIS Great-Uncle Joseph of Arimathea and HIS vision of the Crucifixion.
HIS time spent with the Essene Brotherhood at Mount Carmel.
HIS visit to Egypt at the age of eighteen years.
HIS second visit to Glastonbury to Activate THE HOLY GRAIL.
HIS ten years working as a carpenter with Joseph.
The start of HIS Healing Ministry and meeting of HIS Disciples.
Forty-eight days Meditation in the desert.
HIS final days, Crucifixion and Resurrection.

56 pages.

The Twelve Solar Planes

The Birth of the SOLAR PLANET or SUN, 218,000,000,000 years ago by the Breath of GOD.
The 12 SOLAR PLANES of the 12 RAYS within the SUN.
Descriptions of the SOLAR LORDS who control these RAYS for the benefit of Beings on all Planets within all Solar Systems.
Descriptions of the sexless androgynous SOLAR BEINGS who are born by the breath and live in each SOLAR PLANE.
Descriptions of Their round houses, Halls of Learning and the large circular Temples, with a central Stone of Worship and grand organ.
Descriptions of the animals, vegetation and floral growth of each SOLAR PLANE.
THE SOLAR LOGOS who dwells in the centre of the SUN and holds the lines of communication betwwen GOD and the SOLAR LORDS.

54 pages.


The Universes of GOD

Describing the TWELVE UNIVERSES surrounding the HOLY OF HOLIES (THE HOME of GOD).
1st. The Universe of LORD JESIAS. The Universe of Beauty. 2nd. The Universe of Women only. 3rd. The Universe of men. 4th. The Universe of Men and Women. 5th. The Universe for the Study of the Power of Thought. 6th. The Universe of the Little People (Fairies). 7th. The Universe of Mathematical Science. 8th. The Universe of the Great Laboratory of GOD. 9th. The Universe of the Worship of GOD. 10th. The Universe of the Study of Universal Theology. 11th. The Universe of Mechanics. 12th. The Final Universe (A mixture of all the others).
Our Planet of Earth lying in the outer ring of CREATION, in the TWELFTH UNIVERSE. The last Planet to be created.
The explanation of the origin of Sin in the Third Universe and its full manifestation in our 12th Universe.

52 pages.

The Records of Ancient Egypt and Hyipta

Describing the Civilisation and Events prior to recorded history.
Drunhia – the name of Egypt in the Yanihian period – the first race of the Earth Planet.
The Sphinx Guards the buried remains (The Central Audience Chamber) of LORD MIKAAL’S Temple in Ellhonia of Yanini.
Pyramids raised by the Power of Thought through Love – assisted by The Hierarchy of God.
Original Twelve Pyramids, Twelve Families and Twelve tribes in Hyipta and Early Egypt.
The fall of Egypt caused by priests practicing Hypnotism and Black magic. Astrology is a corrupt teaching of The True Aspects of GOD.
Torch of Truth is in the Hands of British men and women who are re-incarnated from Hyipta and Egypt.

37 pages.

Videos from Brother John with the Teachings of LORD MIKAAL from THE WINDS of TRUTH Books.

The Holy Graal in Avalon: Part 1. Open to the Loving Heart of God & meet the 12 Solar Rays of Creation. Storytelling from The Winds of Truth by Lord Mikaal
The Holy Graal in Avalon: Part 2. Meet ARA THE GOOD who received THE HOLY GRAIL, as a Gift of healing for Mother Earth & Humanity Storytelling from The Winds of Truth by Lord Mikaal
The Holy Graal in Avalon: Part 3. Lord Yeshua, as a boy & young man in Avalon to activate The Grail. Storytelling from The Winds of Truth by Lord Mikaal
The Holy Graal in Avalon: Part 4. Hear how King Arthur had visions of The Sword Escaburre & how He won His Kingship at the Meare in Somerset. Storytelling from The Winds of Truth by Lord Mikaal
A slide Presentation: The unwritten story of Yeshua and His 12 disciples; and King Arthur’s Knight’s of the Round Table is – The 12 Cosmic Rays of the Solar Planes of Spirit. Words from Lord Mikaal
A Vision of Loveliness, which Archangel Lord Mikaal beheld with His Own Eyes the birth of the First Rose from GOD . Spoken by John Morrissey
John Morrissey: Live at the Town Hall, Glastonbury. 20th Sept. 2019. The Living Story within the Heart and soul of  all humanity. A story/slideshow