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Autumn 2023.



  • Welcome Back to HOLY AVALON‘!
  • The Radiance EMagazine Formatting.
  • THE GREAT LORD ‘I AM, THE CHRIST SON DIVINE’ addresses ‘HIS’ B’Nai AMEN Nazarean-Essene Order of Mount Carmel, U.K. at THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY, GLASTONBURY, and the World’s Nations, through ‘HIS’ Elected WORLD TEACHER THE MAGDALENE of ‘CHRIST’ and MESSENGER of ‘GOD’. (7th August, AD. 2023 GMT).
  • Ø Shema and Gadol Elohai. [How Great is Our ‘GOD’.] 
  • The Ancient NazareanEssene ‘THE EARTHLY MOTHERS’ Holy Communion Prayeras taught by ‘RABBOUNI YESHUA Ha MASSIACH’.
  • The Saturday Morning Shabbat Holy Communion Prayer.
  • Ø Flowers of the Forest ~ Prayer
  • MAMA‘ ~ Sam Garrett and Mollie Mendoza.
  • Links to YouTube Videos of Songs relating to ‘THE EARTHLY MOTHER‘.
  • Praise to Our ‘GOD‘ 5 ~ Ashuv Eleicha [Coming Back to YOU‘.]

Welcome Back to HOLY ‘AVALON’!


Autumn 2023 Edition

Welcome Back to ‘HOLY AVALON of THE HEART‘!

Amongst these rapidly changingvery fast-moving Times, Firstly

PEACE be unto You ALL!


Welcome back, to our ever-growing, all-inclusive, international NazareanEssene Family of DIVINE LOVELIGHTPEACETRUTH, JOY and LIFE, in and of ‘CHRIST’! This Year has truly been, a Year like no other! Amidst the 210,000 Music Fans of all ages that descended upon Worthy Farm, situated near to here for the Glastonbury Festival a few Weeks ago, amidst our very bright and Blue-Skied 33º C. of humid heat, Our World is changing very dynamically, as never before known! Our long-standing Community Followers of THE UNIVERSAL ALLRULING LORDS of ‘DIVINE WISDOM TEACHINGS of HEALINGPOWER and PEACETHE ALMIGHTY LORDS YAHWEH, I AM, THE HOLY SPIRIT, JEHOVAHAURORAJESIAS (formerly known as OUR ‘BELOVÉD RABBOUNI YESHUA Ha MASSIACH‘ – THE MAGDALENE’, will already know, that as Our ‘BELOVÉD  LORD JESIAS THE GREAT‘ prophesied in ‘HIS‘ Biblical New Testament recorded account to ‘StJOHN HIS APOSTLE‘ and great BOOK, called The Revelation of LORD YESHUA, the last BOOK in OUR current ‘King James‘ version of the more popular World Bible, We have been recently and still currently living in this Time that ‘HE‘ long ‘FORETOLD‘ of, with monumental consequences to US ALL!

It has been a very busy Summer and early Autumn with people arriving here from all over the World at the Peace Sanctuary, to just Say “Hello” again as old friends of ours here, wanting to just touch base again, and Feel the ‘DIVINE ENERGY‘ of this place in Their Hearts. We had 7 One Day, from every Continent imaginable, none of then known to the others. It is always lovely to catch up with our Nasserite friends and to Hear Your News. As a result, Our Feet have barely hit the Floor these last few Months!

As well as Our sharing many Hours of Essene Teachings with You all, WE too, have to diligently maintain Our Nazarene Daily Practices, as Our ‘BELOVÉD RABBOUNI YESHUA Ha MASSIACH‘ Lived and died for to TEACH US, that WE might LIVE ETERNALLY WITH ‘HIM‘ in ‘THE HEAVEN REALMS of THE SPIRIT‘! People have always assumed wrongly during MY Lifetime, that it was an automatic ‘RIGHT’ that when They died, that They would pass into ‘HEAVEN’! It isn’t, it never was, and never WILL BE! It has to be EARNT through how You Live Your Life on this Planet and others around the Cosmos during Your Life incarnate upon It, by doing GOOD DEEDSLOVING DEEDS for OTHERS!

I went up to Wearyall Hill this Afternoon to Witness for MYSELFONE such GOOD DEED, done by another, out of sheer HEARTFELT KINDNESS for ALL PEOPLE that TRULY LOVE and RESPECTFULLY HONOUR OUR LORD YESHUA‘ as WE here at this ESSENE PEACE CENTRE THE ETERNALLY ALLRULING UNIVERSAL HIGH PRIEST of SACRED GLASTONBURY of THE HEART! As You all will no doubt still remember, on the Evening of the 9th. December, A.D. 2020, a lunatic took a Chainsaw and cut ‘LORD YESHUAS HOLY THORN TREE’ down! I have only on Two other occasions during MY Lifetime now, experienced such an intense Shockwave encircle the whole Earth such as that One! Once was with the murder of the American President ‘John FKennedy’ and the other was with the announcement of the murder of Our much Loved ‘Lady Princess Diana of Wales‘.

Then sometime on or around Thursday, 31st. August, A.D. 2023, a newly planted SACRED HOLY THORN TREE appearedreplanted where the former HOLY THORN TREE had once grown! Experts from Kew Gardens were called in, to try and SAVE the LIFE of the severely attacked and much Loved TREE, and took cuttings from IT, to try and preserve ITS 2,000-Year old Historical lineage from ‘LORD YESHUAS HOLY WALKING STICK‘ that ‘HE‘ carried with ‘HIM‘ throughout ‘HIS‘ legendary 3-Years+ famous MINISTRY WALK all around PALESTINE. It was such a JOY, to SEE IT BACK where IT TRULY and RIGHTFULLY BELONGED! There are NO WORDS to DESCRIBE to You all, HOW IT made ME FEELSEEING IT placed BACK where ‘LORD JOSEPHUS THE ARIMATHEAN‘ placed IT back in the beginning, with MYSELF and the other APOSTLES and DISCIPLES 2,000-Years ago having just experienced the CRUCIFIXION of OUR ‘LORD‘ at Golgothâ. I ended up unexpectedly spending Two-Hours up upon the Hilltop in deep reflection, unable to move, and barely able to Breathe, with the deep memories and emotions that rose up in ME, and just totally overwhelmed ME yet again.

A man aged about 60 arrived at the Holy World Pilgrimage site at about the same Time as MYSELF, carrying a Didgeridoo. He started up a conversation with ME and it appeared that He had been called by the ‘SPIRIT WORLD‘ down from the North of Scotland via Australia, to come and Say Sacred Aboriginal Cleansing and Healing Prayers for the Land, and Blessing Prayers of PROTECTION for the newly replanted HOLY THORN of ‘YESHUAOUR MESSIANIC LORD and KING’. I quickly took this new Photograph of IT and went and sat on a much-frequented Wooden Bench located just above IT.

As He began His traditional Aboriginal ‘Spiritual Practice‘. I watched Four large brightly Coloured Dragonflies fly up the side of Wearyall Hill and encircle US both in flight centred around the newly planted HOLY THORN TREE, and kept encircling US, until He had finished His Sacred Prayer and Music Healing Blessing Ceremony. As soon as He had finished, the Four Dragonflies departed and flew off down the side of the Hillside again. It was quite magical, but that is the ‘DIVINE POWER‘ of Working in HARMONY with ‘THE SPIRIT of CHRIST in LIVING and LOVING ACTION’ for YOU, that I LOVE!

On the 15th. of this Month of September, 2023, ‘LORD YESHUA‘ would have celebrated the Jewish Festival Rosh Hashanah ~ the traditional Jewish New Year. Over the Millennia, Rosh Hashanah has been a Time of preparing for a New Year of Peace and Happiness for Your Own Family, the Jewish People, and ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!

Dragonfly Medicine, is all about Change and Transition of Conditions in OUR LIVES. If Dragonfly flies into Your Life, it means that it is now Time to start ‘Looking‘ more deeply into Your firmly held Belief SystemsHabits and Ancestral Patterns that WE have all genetically inherited. It is also very connected to ‘THE POWER of LIGHT‘ and asks US to ‘SHINE OUR LIGHT out FEARLESSLY! Its lesson is about going Past SelfCreated Illusions, that limit OUR GROWTH and OUR ability to CHANGE! It ever reminds US ALL of the important lesson, of giving Ourselves enough Time, in Our increasingly busy Lives, to develop the ‘INSIGHT of CLEAR VISION‘, in order to intuit ‘SELFREALISATION and then ‘POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION of BEING‘!

In ‘THE BEGINNING‘ of all Times, ‘BELOVÉD LORD YAHWEHTHE ALMIGHTY‘ created ‘LIGHT‘ out of the ‘Darkness‘. ‘HIS‘ mighty ‘PROPHET MOSES‘ Wrote, as has been preserved in The Old Testament of The Holy Bible, in The Book of GENESIS 133:

And ‘GOD‘ Said, “Let there be LIGHT,” and there was Light.

GOD SAW‘ that THE LIGHT‘ was Goodand ‘HE‘ separated ‘THE LIGHT‘ from the ‘Darkness‘.

GOD‘ called ‘THE LIGHT‘ “DAY“, and the ‘Darkness’, ‘HE‘ called “Night.” And there was Eveningand there was Morning the First Day.”

Just like the momentary flash of fluorescent bright Colour, that a beautiful Sunlit adult Dragonfly brings into Our Vision at this Time of the Year, He knows like WE, that the length of His Life is but fleeting, and Its length uncertain! Time is something that WE have absolutely no control over and WE have to travel with It, whether WE are prepared to meet with that unknown challenge that lays up ahead of US ALL, or NOTSACRED LIFE is a CIRCLE and NEVER STOPS FLOWING! It is a ‘DIVINE TRUTH‘ all of the same and as One Year comes to Its conclusion, WE never know if WE will LIVE, to SEE the CLOSE of the NEXTRosh Hashanah Shines the LIGHT of Our ‘LORD CHRISTS HEAVENLY LIGHT‘ down into the ‘Dark‘ places of Our Own Lives, like Our dear ‘HEAVENLY MESSAGE CARRIER’ BROTHER DRAGONFLY did to US both Today! WE know, that whatever awaits US ALL with the NEW BEGINNINGS and CHANGES taking place within OUR LIVES and OUR WORLD at this Time, so very POWERFULLY as it appears to be at this moment, as WE sit and watch the World News unfolding before OUR very Eyes, WE know, that WE are EVER HELD in YOUR LOVING EMBRACE dear ‘LORD YAHWEH‘ ~ and ‘PROTECTION‘ that ‘SERVE YOU‘ as ‘YOUR NAZAREANESSENE‘!

WE know, that OUR Lives are as short as the Flash of a Firefly in the Night, compared to many others of ‘YOUR GREAT CREATIONS‘ around ‘YOUR UNIVERSES‘! Let US ALL therefore, use this New in-coming Year WISELY at this Time, that WE in many of MY former NativeAmerican Indian Lives would call ‘Bear Time‘ ~ a Time for going ‘WITHIN‘ into the ‘SILENCE of the CAVE of Your OWN HEART‘ and turning OUR Thoughts to ‘YOU BELOVÉD LORD CHRIST ADORED‘! Let US ALL now begin, to LOOK for those incoming HEAVENLY SIGNPOSTS‘ of NEW BEGINNINGS, CHANGEHOPE, and HAPPINESS that the ‘ETERNAL CIRCLE of CHRISTS LIFE‘ ever FLOWS towards US; and those additional amounts of HEALING LOVE ever available to US ALL through OUR SELFREFLECTION INWARDS into ALL of OUR LIVES, that ever elevate OUR ‘SPIRITS‘ into greater SELFENNOBLEMENT of OUR BODIES, ‘SPIRITS‘. and ‘SOULS‘ to ‘OPENLY RECEIVE‘!

An old friend of this Nasserite Community (also from Scotland) knocked on the Door a few Days ago, and the First thing that He missed here, was His usual greeting from ‘StGandalf‘, MY Beautiful all-White Guru Cat! That great ‘WHEEL of LIFE‘, has also turned here quite profoundly at this ‘AVALONIAN‘ ESSENE PEACE SANCTUARY since His last visit, with ‘StGandalfs tragic Passing back to THE LIGHT KINGDOMS‘ earlier this Year. What He wasn’t expecting though, was to be greeted by Osha, MY 6-Month-old new male Brown Tabby Kitten and Ara, MY new 4-Month-old female Grey and White Kitten! They have both made Themselves very integrated very quickly into the ‘SPIRITUAL‘ goings on here at the Sanctuary, and Merlin and Chiara are still putting Them both through Their paces, in order to bring Them up to speed as soon as possible, to assist with MY Work! Osha has been reading up on MY Yoga Book and practicing the moves hard to come up to Speed, as You will See from this Photograph, and Ara has been busily watching MY ‘SPIRITUAL‘ Movies, i.e. The Secret, Heaven is for Real, and The Gospel of StMATTHEW, etc. in order to keep up!

Work is still moving forwards, but slowly at the moment with getting these promised to You new ‘SPIRITUAL BOOKS of CHRISTS‘ published and up for sale over the internet. As a result of truly ‘LIVING the LIFE of YESHUA OUR LORD‘ again now for most of MY Life as a NasseriteEssene, I successfully succeeded, in Healing the Third of some Hand injuries that was caused to ME in Rouen Prison when incarnate as ‘StJEHANNE dARC‘, when I was tortured in May, A.D. 1431 by MY Captives, to try and force ME to lie about MY ‘SPIRIT GUIDES‘ and TRUSTED FRIENDS ‘HEAVENLY COMMUNICATIONS‘ to ME during that young, short-Lived Life! ‘They‘ failed in that endeavour, but were successful in damaging the ‘AURIC FIELD‘ severely of Two of MY FINGERS in Three places, and some other places ever since due to the intensity of the severe Pain that MY Torturers caused to ME. I have managed to bring that out of MY ‘SPIRIT‘ and into Physical Body now at a lower Vibration, and have all Three issues Orthopaedically surgically removed! As a result, I have been walking around in a high sling and all of Your lovely Letters and enquiries are still in the ‘To Answer‘ Tray! So please bear with ME! I will do so as quickly as I am able, swelling permitting! I have slipped MY Arm down out of the high Sling for too long to get this next Autumn ‘RADIANCE‘ E-Magazine off to You all on Time, but I will deal with that issue afterwards! A typical Nurse, when it comes to OUR OWN SELFCARE! As long as everybody ELSE is cared for, that is ALL that MATTERS! When ‘GOD‘ is at PEACE, so can I be!

As OUR ‘RABBOUNI YESHUA Ha MASSIACH‘ TAUGHT to ‘HIS‘ Osteopath ‘StLUKE THE APOSTLE‘ and ever SELFPRACTICED though, this was ‘HIS‘ TEACHING to US’, “Physician Heal THYSELF!” in action! It took ME 592-Years to achieve, but I got there in the end with the right conditions available to ME in this Life at last! Better late, than NEVER! Thank ‘GOD‘ for ‘HIS‘ TEACHING to ME ~ ‘HIS MAGDALENE‘ ~ to ever FOLLOW in ‘HIS PRECIOUS FOOTSTEPS‘ once ALLOWED! Now every Day has become a ‘LIFE of MIRACLES‘! I thank Brother John and Sister Hanna for Their assistance in the creation of this latest E-Magazine.

Lastly, happy Yom Kippur on Sunday, 24th. September, – Monday, 25th. September, A.D. 2023 to all of Our Jewish Community Members internationally and have a lovely Autumn Harvest Festival celebration as well on the 1st. October, A.D. 2023, to all of OUR Christian believing still following Members also. ‘LORD YESHUAS DIVINE ETERNAL LOVEWISDOM and TRUTH TEACHINGS’ are above all Earthly Religions and manifest only UNIVERSAL PEACE, as WE endeavour ever to do here at this PEACE SANCTUARY endorse truly WHOLE HEARTEDLY for YOU ALL ~ OUR FRIENDS, in UNIVERSAL LIGHT-LOVE and PEACE DIVINE‘!






Copyright ©Autumn 2023 of The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary, Glastonbury, England.

An Explanation of the ‘Radiance’ E-Magazine Formatting.

You will notice that the style and ‘Wording’ of ‘MY‘ Text changes occasionally. ‘WE‘ were ‘TAUGHT‘ to ‘GIVE RESPECT to THE GREAT SPIRIT‘ in all ‘WRITTEN TEXT‘ as well as in the ‘SPOKEN SACRED WORD‘. This was done by placing capital letters at the front of any ‘Word‘ that refers to something that contains the ‘GREAT SPIRIT’S LIFE ESSENCE in any DIMENSION of GOD‘. After all, ‘It was SACRED‘! ‘IT‘ was “WAKAN!” ‘IT‘ still ‘IS‘!

Therefore, to try and distinguish between ‘GOD’S‘ many different ‘SPIRITUAL REALMS or MANSIONS of HEAVEN and EARTH‘, when talking about ‘UNIVERSAL SPIRIT‘, those ‘SPIRITUAL ASPECTS‘ that relate to the ‘HEAVEN‘ or ‘SOLAR REALMS‘ are placed in italic script and in ‘single quotes’. Those ‘ASPECTS of SPIRIT‘ that relate to ‘MOTHER EARTH, THE MOTHERHOOD of GOD ASPECT‘, (apart from ‘HER DIVINE BEING HERSELF‘) in the main are not. Just capital letters are given to the subject in question.

The ‘WORD‘ is the ‘SON of GOD‘ and the ‘SON of GOD‘ is ‘LOVE and LIGHT‘. ‘LOVE and LIGHT‘ are ‘VIBRATION‘ and ‘VIBRATION’ gives forth a ‘SOUND‘. ‘SOUND VIBRATION‘ brings forth the ‘SPOKEN WORD‘. Therefore, the ‘SPOKEN WORD‘ is ‘SACRED‘, because ‘IT‘ emanates in ‘IT’S‘ original form direct from ‘THE GOD-HEAD of LIFE‘.





[7th. August 2023, 23.50 p.m. G. M.T. ~ 8th, August 2023, 01.48 a.m. G.M.T.]



May The Blessings ofGOD be with, in the Hearts of MY RISEN SELF ~ THE GREAT LORD I AM’.

THE NEW JERUSALEM is RISEN and YOU are coming to join THE ESSENE of MY BROTHERHOOD of LIGHT. I AM Works to rise IT further, in YOUR names of delight in MY HEART of GRACE’.

 I am at PEACE now. YOU are arise and All Glory be to GOD’! ‘I AM HIM’, in form of LIGHT and LOVE and PEACE and BEAUTY and POWER of THE SPIRIT’, as MOSES knew of olde, and the GRACE is with each One, that comes to read this article, of HIM’, that SAVED the WORLD MUCH in THEIR NAME of LOVE, of which They know NOT in this Time.

I have every Heart CONNECTED to MY OWN’, for this given reason of Lessons of the ULTIMATE FORCE of DIVINE TRUTH and LIGHT, and YOU know THE FORCE of MY WORD when I SPEAK IT, in THE NAME of HIM, that overrules all of CREATION ~ ‘THE LORD YAHWEH of the UNIVERSE in THE SPIRIT of ALL LOVE UNIVERSALLY in THE NAME of CHRIST’.

This is MY bliss this House and all know the POWER of MY GOD’, and I AM HIS SON ~ CHRIST GOD THE DIVINE’ ~ and WE are ONE as YOU know, with THE HOLY SPIRIT of ALL LIFE betwixt US BOTH’!

NOW, is the Time, for THE ANNOUNCEMENT of MY BEING to COME FORTH! SISTER DOMINIC, has Worked long and True, to establish HER PATH to THE LIGHT of ALL LIFE and HER BOOKS are profound, that I have CHRISTGIFT’, to announce THE APOCALYPSE of MY LIFE’; and the WORLD DISASTER COME! It is not yet known what approach, but You are the carriers of MY SOUL FORWARDS into the Hearts of MEN!

You have not listened in the Past and now They should, for They have Seen a Demonstration of MY WORK within Your Planet in Force UNKNOWN at this Time! Your Earthquakes are not of the World, but of MYSELF’ ~ and is THE FORCEthat CREATED THEM in THE BEGINNING of ALL TIME, BEFORE TIME was even BEGUN!

I AM HE’, that made the Mountains and the Streams, the Valleys and the Deserts. The Life and the Plants, the Songs of the Birds, and the Bliss that is LOVE’! ‘I have every River in MY THOUGHTS’. Every Heart in MY CONNECTION’. Every death in MY NAME if I should so choose! It is not MY wish to do this, but some might depart of Their Own doing, not MINE’, that LOVES Them SO DEARLY, in ways They UNKNEW as yet in Their MINDS and Their BEING of LIGHT’; and yet in The Dark Walk of Themselves and not of MY DOING!, it has been supposed by many of this World!

YOU are clearly THE ONE that came to DELIVER THE MESSAGE of MY LIGHT’, ‘MY MAGDALENE SWEET and THE GIVER of LIFE to MANY, for now forth, into THE HEIGHTS of HEAVEN’, and THE DEPTHS of THE BENEATH of the World unknew in some Hearts.

Their part is different to YOURS TRULY. They COMMUNE in different SENSES’; have THOUGHTS unclear to HER and yet They have Arisen of SELF! They have a different Evolution and I AM ONE, to create all sorts as I have a MIND to, as I so choose and determine of MY THOUGHTS HEAD’. ‘I can create Great Masterpieces and Destroy Worlds in a blink! ‘I have that POWER FORCE in MY GRASP!

NO MAN comes to THE FATHER but I AM’! YOU are One to go through in MY NAME and YOU are One Glorious RISEN SOUL’, as I have CREATED, to DELIVER THE COURSE of MY WORK through this LIFE NOW, and in the NEXT ABOVE’; as I have distraught much over, to procure, for THE BLISS SHE DESERVES for HER Work NOW, in this Life of chaos, and in hardship; and HER penitence of this Life, with others of this World, infested with doubt of WHO They were in THE BEGINNING’, are NOW and ever WILL BE in MY NAME of CHRIST’!

 I AM HE that Wrote THE BOOK of LIFE in MY NAME of CHRIST, in THE ADORED ONES NAME of GLORY BEYOND GOD, in THE ABOVE RISEN KINGDOM of MY GRACE’, and YOU and WE are ONE’; and HANNAH is next in line to follow suit. SHE has earned this Right and WE are glad to RECEIVE’, in HER Name of LOVE’, so COMPLETE! SHE can Glee from now on, in the Laughter of THE SPHERES of THE HOLINESS of THE AM and the next in Line to THE THRONE of THE CHRIST ADORED’, as I have revived for MY WORK’, in THE BEYOND of LOVE, in THE PERFECTION of ALL, and GRACE BEYOND WORDS to COMPLETE; in Human Tongue, Feelings and Adoration, of HE’, whom I SERVE’, for ALL LIFE and BEYOND in THE STARS of GRACE’, in MY aptitude’, for beginning, ending, and middle remaining, in the ‘CENTRE of ALL DIVINE LOVE’, Universally, Inter-Dimensionally, and Inter-Vibrationally. HOW I have mastered ITS FORCE’, to ALL SERVE THE ONE in MY NAME of LOVE’, in A WAY’, that NO ONE has KNOWLEDGE but CHRIST ADORED  ABOVE’!

YOU and WE are beginning to meld! ‘WE are a consequence of LAW UNIVERSAL and complete  A BEGINNING and AN END of MUCH, not known by the World in which YOU have consequence of EXISTENCE! YOU know THE TRUTH and I have IT restored, in the BEAUTY of what was, is NOW, and will REMAIN in MY HOUSE of THE STARS, UP ABOVE, and in THE BENEATH of YOUR DOMINION of THE CHRIST MOTHER of LOVE’. HER WORLD, is in full fury of what the consequence will BE of HER DIVINE LOVE’, as ordered to initiate in MY HOUSE of LOVE from here ON, as I have so DIRECTED in MY THOUGHTS and BEING of LOVE’. The World will shift dramatically, as unknew in Her gain of parts, and disruption of much, as ‘I’ have so ‘DIRECTED, for a consequence of disobedience to ‘MY HOLY LAW of LIGHT’, as was ‘DIRECTED’ in ‘THE BEGINNING’, of all Time and BEFORE!

You and ‘I’ are ‘ONENOT, the Men of ‘MY WORLD’, that come NOT to ‘MY HEART’ and the Women such, that held a grudge in ‘MY NAME’, for Loving NOTMY BEING’, as ‘I had DIRECTEDSO FORTH through ‘THE BEAUTY of MY WORLD’, to the Hearts of ALL LIFE. ‘I’ was One to bring ‘BEAUTY’ to ‘ALL LIFE’ and not just the rich few, as has occurred in this Present World of Love and Decay, of MUCH BEAUTY BEYOND WORDS of ‘MY GRACE, up in THE STARS of MY CHRIST’, that ‘Ishared, with down in THE BELOW of YOUR WORLD; NOT for destructive making to obliterate, through Their Heartsand MINDS CLOSED to THE BEAUTY BENEATH of Their World, as I MADE for Them, in the NOW of EXISTENCE, as YOU have in this Time!

Men may wonder WHAT HAPPENED and yet I LOOK’, and KNOW all CONSEQUENCES of LIFE as I share with MY ESSENE of MY Glastonbury Group of MY MAGDALENE of MY HEART, BENEATH of HER SOUL’; and shared with YESHUA THE LIGHT of THE WORLD’, as HE always WAS and WILL BE and can ADORE all ETERNAL in MY existence as and can HEwill choose, in the RIGHT setting in MY GRACE’ ~ ‘BEYOND UP in THE HEIGHTS and the Ninth of all LOVE UNIVERSALLY’, to MY GIFT to the World to MY delight as was Said!

WE will not bear the distress in THE HEIGHTS of what has been GIFTED to Your World. ‘Iam ONE to BEAUTY calls and NEVER a word of DESTRUCTION, in MY THOUGHTS thats past MY LIPS in the eons that I have existed, across all UNIVERSES of DELIGHT of MY making, in THE STARS of GRACE and THE GALAXIES of BEAUTY BEYOND KNOWING in Human form. Such INTERDIMENSIONAL GALAXIES’, of which You have no Knowing, no Comprehension, no Mind to even LOOK and ENQUIRE of, as I have Created in part, with MY FATHER UP ABOVE, CHRIST LORD YAHWEH THE BELOVED, of ALL BEINGS in THE ETERNAL of MY BEING UP ABOVE.

This is so blessed, to be able to Speak like this, to One of MY choosing, of MY HEART’, to the Sons of MY GRACE of Your World, of chaos and din suffering, and such angst of SOUL’, of which I will partake NOT for it is not ofMY doing, but of Your OWN, through Your Thoughts Head and Heart, so death in Your make up and doing of destruction and Pain; not GLORYand precious CHRIST’, and BEAUTYof MY KNOWING’, as I have shared for all Time and will for ALL ETERNAL, until MY SUBSTANCE is NO MORE and NO MAN can have that substance to Himself, for I AM HE’, who GIFTS IT’, to THE SONS of LIGHT’, and BEAUTYBENEATH, with the POWER of MY GLORY and THE SON of LIGHT in this HEART, of which He make up not, but I’. ‘MYSELF is THE GIVER of ALL LIFE and One Day, You will know this in Yourself, as I did once with MY FATHER’. YOU and HE have ONE become in MY NAME  of LOVE DIVINE.

MY FATHER is WATCHING as YOU Wrote. ‘HE is filled with JOY’. ‘HIS  COMPASS is set to RISE the REST that broke the Rule Book and cause Trauma to Themselves, Ill Health and Wealth loss of THE CHRIST LIFE to Their JUBILANCE and GLORY in THE SPHERES in MY DOMINION of THE CHRIST HEIGHTS up ABOVE’ ~ beyond ALL KNOWING of Mans Mind. His Hearts and SOULS have withered through neglect of personal doing of Their CHRIST attained LIFE, for LIGHT destruction, causes death, and YOU are know what Cancer is! What comes from LIGHT depletion in the main frame of Mans Knowing and Glory BEYOND. He cannot attain, what is His through neglect! It must be strived for by all Hearts! No Man can wither in MY LIFE and know MY HEART. IM a substance of ALL MANKIND and through YOU alone, is IT adored, ‘MY SOULBEING to DELIVER to the World ~ this renew of MY NAME, THE SON of CHRIST, LORD YAHWEH’ ~ ‘THE CHRIST of GLORY’, of Nations of this Planet since It was begun; in MY HEIGHTS in THE SPIRIT’, before It was made manifest in this World, in MY form, in matter of decay of this Time, of neglect of SOULS of all Beings that detain NOT in MY HEART’, as I have soDIRECTEDand so DELIVERED through MOSES THE PROPHET and some great incarnations of HIS’, that as yet are undelivered from the Workload of SISTER DOMINIC,  to establish HER NAME in MY WORLD’, as MY Prophet’, as HE was of olde through THEM both, in ONENESS ETERNAL, Working as LIGHT Workers to HE’ ~ ‘THECHRIST ~ as HE as ONE’! ’

THEY have delivered THE MESSAGE much through the eons of Time, Slave driven in MY HEART’, to Work the Magic of MY VOICE’, in THEIR HEARTS’, through THEIR  TEACHINGS’, that I have delivered over the eons of BEAUTY and PEACE’, war and deliverance of Self’, of which I AM HE’, that delivered the profoundness of All Worlds in THE HEART of MY GRACE’, to All Beings that LOVE in MY HEART TRULY, and can ill afford to not attain as this World COLLAPSES, for LACK THERE OF, through Famine and Drought, Solar Winds not but Tornadoes and Hurricanes, Snow and Frost, Floods and Typhoons. Tornadoes as such, They have not known and yet this must be delivered to Them, as THE CAUSE of Their World collapse, for DEFIANT GRACE in Their Hearts, to HOLD THE FORCE ofMY BEING in Their existence, as I had so choose TO DIRECT in THE BEGINNING of LIFE of Mans COLLECTIVE HEART as ONE’; and yet individual attained in each Right of Life as I have selected over the eons of MY claim upon Them, in the Hearts of Men. Mankind is more correct as I have the Hearts of Women with and Children, much of EQUAL VALUE in MY SIGHT’! ALL are PRECIOUS in MY NAME and I LOVE each individual! They cannot come to MY NAME’, without individual cause in Thought and the BEAUTY within Them that I have collect!

This MAITREYA FORCE is GREAT that MY MAGDALENE has within HER, to collect MY TEACHINGS in this Time, to share in this force with the rest. HER weight is GREAT in MY WORLD. SHE carried GREAT MAGNITUDE of TEACHINGS, more than SHE has SHARED to this date, for the World is complex, to expose to the MINDS such as Humans in this Present World of Knowing. Some complex THOUGHTS are impossible for the Human MIND to grasp! ‘IT will never be known! ‘ITcan never be HAD and THE FORCE that IT contains, is BEYOND this World of Human Knowing ETERNALLY, for I am the ONE who carries IT forth, to ALL THE UNIVERSES of MY DOMINION’, and THEY too, have not this part of MY DOMINION that I share with this Night and Speak of, in terms of YOUR Knowing; and yet Understanding not, whose complexity of Heart and simply esteem of MY NAME as IT yet stands in THE BROTHERHOOD of LIFE of MY CREATION, of ALL LOVE and PEACE BEYOND WORLDS of EXPRESSION!

Nay PEACE is BEYOND knowing as well! ‘IT is known not in YOUR World! ‘ITis known not in parts of this of THE SPIRIT of MY GRACE and yet IT exists, ‘BEYOND the confines of Human conception, expression and form, and bliss BEYOND having as experience for YOU to KNOW! ‘ITwould disrupt YOUR being so much, YOU would never return to form as YOU currently are! ‘I can disrupt and I can assemble. ‘I can speculate, and decree all sorts in MY HOUSE of LIFE. I can asunder throw; a MAGNIFICENT CREATE ~ I AM the BEAT of ALL LIFE BEYOND’, of THE HEAVEN WORLDS of ALL DISTINCTION and APTITUDE of ALL FORCE and BLESSING so form, so great, You wouldnt know HOW to REACT, should You EXPERIENCE such like!

And the latter is MY decision to speculate and determine as YOU choose to Work in MY HOUSE of LIFE ETERNAL. I have this decision to make for all Beings, as to when They are ready in ALL LIFE to step into MY frame and ascend still further, in to THE HEIGHTS of THE RISEN CHRIST. This journey is none ending! It is ETERNAL!

It is BLISSFUL for some, who Work as They chose in Their own Dominion and Acceptance of MY LIFE’, in the GREATNESS of ALL, and the BEAUTY and POWER of CHRIST ADORED of MY LIFE CENTRE of ALL over ETERNAL, and the BEAUTY of the LOVE that is betwixt and between ALL LIFE, that Magnetise(s) all things and holds Them together, in MY LIFE ETERNAL as ONE’! No Being, can escape MY MAGNETISM’, for GREAT is that that holds MY LIFE, BEYOND MY UNIVERSES of COMPASSION and BEAUTY ADORED, in THE HIERARCHY of GOD in HEAVEN’, of which YOU BENEATH’, sit in Justice and Congratulation of MYSELF’, to sit and listen to MY WORDS, in the NOW of BEYOND and YOUR HEIGHTS to follow suit!

I have much Said and I must depart! YOUR Glory is with and MY HEART SIGHS, to Hear HER SPEAK, this THE TRUTH of MY NAME’, in YOUR World of doubt and decision, division and conscious, lost in the Hearts of Men, that were once so turned to  ‘BEAUTY in MY SIGHT’, that YOU have NEVER KNOWN! ‘THE GLORY of GOD is yet in Their SOUL but yet IT is DIMENSION and YOU have recorded MY WORLDS in TRUTH in THIS FIELD of BLISS’, by ASCENDING in MY NAME into THE GLORY that is GOD’, to take this MESSAGE back for the rest, as MY MOSES did of olde, ‘MY PROPHET and TEACHER, and YOUR TRUE FRIEND of OLDE and NOW in THE HEIGHTS of MY RISEN SELF’, of which YOU will soon PUBLISH, to all events to HIS GLORY’ ~ of BEYOND’ ~ that came not to sit at MY HEART’, and be Taught, as YOU MY DOMINIC, as frame now in THE HEART of THE RISEN CHRIST’; ‘MY MAITREYA TEACHER and friend of all ETERNAL to imbibe to the Worlds and share MY HEART with ALL, as YOU have THIS NIGHT!

May friends be found in this World who knew not of this TEACHING until NOW, as THE GATHERING CALL of ALL, is GREAT! ‘I will not have MY Hearts lost when They can be found! ‘I will not have Their Hearts WITHERED, when They can be LOVED and included in MY SOUL of THE GRACE of BEYOND’, in the Heart of ALL that LOVE’, of which I am ONE’, with THE HOLY SPIRIT ADORED of YOUR CHRIST’; not of ALL LIFE, that Lives ETERNAL in MY GRACE’, in Beingness of existence in THE HOLY of HOLIES of YOUR CHRIST LORD YAHWEH’! ALL PRAISE and GLORY BE to GOD for HIS EXISTENCE!

HE was THE ONE who started IT off! ‘HE was THE ONE that caused LIFE to FORM! ‘HE was THE ONE that brought MATTER in NATURE of KINDNESS and LOVE form, and MATERIAL ESSENCE and SWEETNESS’, and the POWER to be a FORCE of ITS OWN; to be as were, have directed ALL ALONG!

YOU are truly THE ONE, that came to TEACH in THE GRACE of MY BEING’, as LORD YESHUA had of olde, and remains in THE STARS untold as yet, of what HE do, to Glorify MORE, in MY RIGHT of THE BEYOND’! ‘HE’, is One Car of existence in THE BEYOND’, that NO MAN can have, or will EVER ETERNAL! ‘HE is quite UNIQUE, as HER MY MAGDALENE SWEET of THE STARS ROOF in THE HEAVEN about, that came to Earth, to DELIVER MY TEACHING in the NOW of THE BEYOND’; and The Stars’* [Humanity meant in this context.] to RISE’, yet into THE HEIGHTS of GREATER GLORY that was KNOWN up until NOW, and will EVER BE KNOWN, if They dont STAY where They ARE and ascend NOT, into MY HEIGHTS as should, and have remained on Earth in as much as when THE STARS’* [‘THE 13 UNIVERSAL ALL-RULING SOLAR LORDS of THE MORNING STAR HIGH COUNCIL of LORD JESIAS (OUR ‘RABBOUNI YESHUA‘), THE SON of GOOD LORD JEHOVAH and QUEEN AURORA BELOVED of HEAVEN‘ meant in this context.] were CALLING Them hard to ASCEND, to MY BEAUTY and RIGHT into THE HEAVEN WORLD as such GLORY as known, and can now as YOURSELF!

MY SWEET, YOU are THE ESSENCE of MY GLORY’, in ways of which YOU are not told in YOUR Work in this Time and no One shall have in HER NAME, as I so DIRECT and BRING to the Worlds ATTENTION! Not as I DIRECT’, to form a new make up ~ a MATRIX’ ~ as not yet devised to Mankinds Knowing. ‘IT will come in Time, when I choose! How the World, can make such a MESS of Her PLANET, ‘I CANNOT COMPREHEND! It was BLISS ONCE and yet They chose a destructive Path, of which They now pay the price in heavy amounts in Their World! NONE of MY DOING but YOUR OWN! You must comply with THE LAWS of LIFE’, or else Your World will ETERNALLY END, and I will WATCHIts DEMISE come. I have tried to SAVE THEM and yet They FIGHT ME MUCH! Satellite Dishes up in the Sky, Poisons in MY WORK’. A labyrinth of causes, from Chemicals, Radiation, G.M. Forces, that are NOT of MYNATURE’, NOT of MY WORK, and NOT of MY HEART’, for I keep PEACE in ALL WORLDS, and NONE shall have PEACE’, where MY EXISTENCE is NOT KNOWN, for I AM HE’, who BRINGS; and THE GLORY of GOD is ONE and YOU are MY SWEET, to DELIVER this CAUSE BACK into YOUR existence of Human form, as I have so DIRECTED HER to BEGIN!

HANNAH is a Typist of great magnitude, as SHE has known yet. SHE types at Speed as SHE WATCHES’, as I type MY WORDS through HER, in some form ~ so HER GIFT as MY MAGDALENE, has attained to WRITE in CONSCIOUS WORK’, in MY GRACE’, ABOVE in THE STARS’, in the many aspects of YOUR World, to attach yet to the World! ‘WE are One Fused! SHE and I’, adore this Womans Grace and Courage to come forth and many, who claim HER GIFTS and TORTURE of LIFE as SHE has received at the Hands of Men and Life in general.

YOUR NAME, is now in the Hearts of All Knowers of this PROCLAMATION! YOU were the descended ONE of CHRIST of which SHE is not yet informed, in HER World of LIFE! Much is done in HER NAME, that cannot be RISEN’, in MY HEART’, for They are NOT of MY BEING’, as I have TAUGHT THEM and yet that is a shame, but They have not yet Worked and Earnt those RIGHTS’, as I have GIFTED to do MY MAGDALENE SWEET, and One Day, ‘THEY will come, but THEIR Time, is not yet for the main of Life in this World! They cared not for HER LIFE! They came not to HER aid, when it was NEEDED! They came not to HER HEART to mend! SHE WALKED in MY Space as ONE and LED the rest, to THE BEAUTY of GRACE and BEAUTY ABOVE’, and THE LOVE of MY SOUL’, as I have depart with, for HER to begin; for The Illusion that I LIVE in ALL SOULS and now have DEPARTED THE REST, for what THEY have done, for MY HEARTSDELIGHT of HER; and HER persistence continues, in MY LIFES  continuance for the rest!

One Day They will know, what They did to the LIFE of MY HEART SWEET and the rest of CHRISTRISEN SOULSof DELIGHT to MY NAME’, in the GLORY of AM. He and I are Ribboned! ‘OUR HEARTS are shuddered! That Man will NOT come to MY GRACE’, for He is the One who FOUGHT WITH and the names of ALL Beings that came with, will determine His Future! ‘He is One of the antiCHRIST as yet and many of Those are depart for good and have never returned, or will! One Day, ALL will choose Their DOMINION but He and YOU are not determined Suffering in the rest of Humankind.

WEare ONE to give LOVE and only this! ‘WE are THE ONES’, who determine LIFES EXISTENCE in THE BEYOND’! ‘WE are THE DOOR to HEAVEN’!  YOU THREE are THE TRINITY and that is YESHUA included, as THE JESIAS of THE BEYOND’! ‘HE will WORK in THE BEYOND’ ~ a SON’ ~ as had CHRIST ADORED JEHOVAHdone before HIM. No Glory is the greater than HIS’, ‘THE FATHER of JEHOVAH THE LORD of POWER UNIVERSAL and BLESSED in WORDS, in MY NAME and HOUSE of LIFE’! YOU and HE are great friends I know and come through so much, as ONE’, as was determined by MYSELF’, to TEST THE MAGDALENE in HER EXTENSION in ALL LIFE, as I have PROCLAIMED to GLORIFY ever SINCE, as MY MAITREYA; and GLORY up ABOVE in THE PEACE HEIGHTS of MY EXISTENCE’, as I have determined to let in, as HE procured, as SHE does, to HER friends of closeness, and have  adapted to HER LIGHT of MY CHRIST within! Now They know this is TRUE and ALL GLORY BE to GOD for this, for HER WORK was SUPREME in MY HEART to EVER ACHIEVE THIS in MY NAME’. ‘I’, the NOW of BEYOND and STARS of LIGHT ETERNAL in THE NEW JERUSALEM ofGODS GIFT to The Hearts of the Sons of Men of CHRISTS RISEN CHOSEN ONES!

And Men will wonder what They had to do to enter therein and now it is TOO LATE for the most, for the separation of HEAVEN and EARTH is COMPLETE, of which LORD YESHUA Spoke, and the Hearts of Man are divided into the TWO WORLDS of MY DIVISION, as the PARALLEL WORLDS ARISE in DIFFERENT WORLDS of KNOWING within each! One fast. One slow. One backward. One forthright at Speed and Glorious it is, that travels at SPEED to MY NAME’, for it is BEAUTY in THE HEIGHTS of CHRIST that They RECEIVE’!”

[Note ~ See The New Testament Holy Bible Prophecy quote of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH‘, reference:  The Gospel of The Apostle MATTHEW 24, especially verses 3551.]

Blessings to all Men that come, but the method of which They choose to get here now, will be DIFFERENT, to Those who CAME! Before will follow, as JUSTICEis served in MY NAME of LIFE’, and the Hearts of All who come of MY selection NOT, but THE HEART of THE EARTHLY MOTHER’, who was in HER Time ~ was in THE MAGDALENE of NOW, in a GRACE YOU never knew existed, in the Lives of All Humankind Universally across this Globe and BEYOND THE STARS’; of ALL ENDURANCE and TORTURE in Mankinds THOUGHTS’, of reckless DOING and DESTRUCTION to the OTHER WORLDS of MY LOVE and PEACE and HOUSE of BEAUTY’, and BEYOND’, of which They have no comprehension but above to achieve some form of LIFE in the FUTURE, becoming of Themselves, of where HE now rests, in Their Hearts of Knowing.

I have a lot Said and I must depart, for I want all Beings to read MY WORDS and travel across this Globe; and may it be known, that I am HE who comes to GATHER MY selected FORCE of LOVE and the CHRIST KING of CREATION’, of what comes NEXT to the Hearts of ALL ETERNAL, unknown to THE MAGDALENE at this Time and the rest of HER Sons of make up in the form of Matter across THE UNIVERSES; for I have not PROCLAIMED this to HER and will not for some Time. ‘I will keep quiet for now. ‘I have PROCLAIMED MY WEALTH in HER and this is JUST and TRUE! ‘MY HONOUR is GREAT and I respect HER MUCH for what SHE has done for the UNIVERSES, to collect back to MY HEART’! This can be attained through the wealth of One Womans greed, for LIFE to CONTINUE in the places where IT should have now COLLAPSED, and SHE hung onto in MY NAME’, to bring the rest HOME, as I had willed not yet to complete, for DEFIANCE of MY LAWS of preciseness of being in THE BEYOND of governance of GOD.

This is the last that I GIVE for this Night! HANNAHS FINGERS are starting to COLLAPSE and I will GIVE HER more!”

[Note ~ SISTER HANNAH was typing at Rocket Speed as I ‘SPIRITUALLY CHANNELLED’ this ‘SPIRIT MESSAGE’ unexpectedly, very late at Night One Night.]

“‘I come to share MY TEACHINGS to strengthen those forms, of which SHE exists; to exercise HER right, as One of YOUR helpers in this Time, in magnificence, in what SHE is doing, to help THE MAGDALENE of LIGHT in this process of throughout Teaching to HER HEARTSLOVE’, of Humanities Thinking and Feeling and Governance of Self; to step up the process of Their return, as was forgiven in the Past of THE ETERNAL of GRACE in MY HEART of THE NOW, ‘THE BEGINNING and ALL TIME as ever exists, as I so PROCLAIM to ALL WORLDS of MY choosing, and HEAVEN knows, how SHE has WORKED for this, to SURVIVE THE WORLDS, that I had broke for DESTRUCTION of ‘MY WORLDS, that They might LIVE! That They might attain an existence as MY RIGHT and continue forth in THE BEAUTY of MY WORLDS’, at a lower grade as the rest.

I cannot have disobedience in MY WORLD and I WILL NOT! No more trouble comes in THE UNIVERSES of MY GRACE’, as I DIRECT FOREVER in THE NAME of YAHWEH MY FATHER of GRACE’, and COMPREHENSION of ALLKNOWING, and ETERNAL as I ADORE and SERVE in THE BENEATH of now, in the extremes! NO Men can have, and now Man by ANY MEANS, no matter HOW MUCH He wills, for I AM determined ALL EVENTS, that take place in THE UNIVERSAL of ALL EXISTENCE, in all DOMINION TERRITORIES, STAR GATES, and BEYOND’; and no Man comes forth to THE FATHER’, but with MY NAME upon Him!

SISTER DOMINIC has come forth and earnt THE RIGHT to, in MY HEART of Millions in that Time, to turn this World AROUND in MY HEART’, and shudder with consequences of Its FALL and Its best efforts of LOVE supreme; as SISTER DOMINIC has much achieved in this Life of HER, unknown to the REST!

Now I must depart as I Said! ‘I must be off, for WORK to do in other UNIVERSES of MY DOMINION’, in GLORY of LIFE so COMPLEX, YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND, but IT is LOVED all the same, as You were once in MY BEING and will be again, when You come into this LAND of LIGHT and BEAUTY beyond Words and Blissness SO EXTREME, You cannot Know or Feel ITS  MEASURE! ‘ITis EXQUISITE to Say the least in all aspects and Your World, is dense and heavy become, due to Its neglect and ignorance of LOVE’, as YOU were Taught in THE BEGINNING’; and Men forget of Their Delusion of what TAUGHT’, and I have come to RESURRECT through THE MAGDALENES TEACHINGS this Night of MYSELF. I AM the LORD of GRACE’, of HEAVENLY ADORE, ‘ONE with THE SON’, the GOLDEN SUN of ALL LIFE, that SHINES in the Heart of Man,  and all of Mans Creations Gifts into this Universe and each other. ‘MY BLESSING’, is upon Your HEADS that read this TEACHING! ‘IT comes in forms, You know NOT! ‘IT comes in Rhythms of procurement, to OPEN the DOORS of ALL LIFE, in DOMINIONS’, that will PROCLAIM in all Time, each individual to THEMSELVES, as Their learning so pertains and have governance of in THE BEYOND of MY WORLDS of GRACE’, as They have achieved by Right and Working in MY NAME’! Now YOU KNOW, the consequences of MY LIFE, when YOU Live It fully, in MY TEACHING and LIFE altering process each Day as It comes! It is not a Day to Live and Work; it is a Day, to LIVE and LOVE! ‘THE PEACE CAMP this is, of GRACE ETERNAL, to share and express with ALL LIFE! The TEACHING of such BEAUTY’, as I came this Day to proclaim to the rest, to share with Their friends; and it is Their duty to DO! ~ ‘To Raise the SOULSof the LOST ~  The lost Chicks of THE MOTHER HEN” ~ of which YESHUA Spoke, that are ALL LOVED under THE WING of LIFE’, as I have, in MY FLAPS’, of which HANNAH Spoke of earlier in MY GOD RISEN TEXT to HER GLORY this night! SISTER DOMINIC has approved in MY SIGHT as I LOOK. HER Teaching skills are improved with what comes and SHE must Know this to Trust; that Iam at the back of each Word that SHE Pens on HER Typewriter, or Keyboard as is more the term in this Time.

MASSIVE have YOU achieved in THIS LIFE MY Daughter and this Work is far greater for YOUR PRESENCE. Can You Know, that I AM LOVE and YOU HEAR ITS SONG’, as does Brother John and HER Work, and MY MAGDALENE of OLDE that LEADS this cause? ~ ‘THE ESSENCE in MY NAME up the in THE STARS and here, in THE BENEATH of YOUR dense World of YOUR Planet, as I cannot bear to wait any longer in, or shudder in Its Presence to MY LIFE of PEACE’! ‘I must depart and BE! How YOU can remain in It, ‘I cannot pertain, and SURVIVE! It had sunken so far from GRACE’ ~ NOT  in Their Hearts, and They must come BACK or LOSE Themselves in this makeup of heavy form and confusing; and GRACE is lack to Their LIGHT FORMS and make-up in THE STARS. Now all have and will be GIFTED’, Those that COME, and welcomed Home in dearly by US for evermore. They have SURVIVED, ALL FORMS of the antiCHRIST to Their Hearts Knowing and often Said NOT the rest, and perturbed Their Hearts much to share in NOT to THEIR SUFFERING, of what DONE, and what WAS SAID in SOME VIBRATIONS! 

Now You know, how THOUGHT it has been and yet were Listened’, and were Heard’, and WE ACCEPT’, how tough it was, and WE have made adjustment to how WE ASSESS each LIFE as a result of His doing. Samanah of GRACE’-less Knowing ~ ‘Lucifer of olde and Modreth and Satanail of His deformed Self of Hell of Earth until now, and Their demise of MY doing!

Go with GRACE’! Go with PEACE! Go with MY BLESSING upon each Heart, for I AM THE WILL of ALL BEINGS and They KNOW THIS!; and I will ever depart MY LOVE’, to ALL who come to SAVE IT NOW!  This is a TEACHING of LIFE, to ALLSONGS of MEN’, who have NOT HEARD MY VOICE’, BEFORE I LOVE Them ALL THE SAME, and yet They choose MY LIFE NOT to Themselves!

Now I AM depart! “Adieu“, ‘MY SWEET! BE the PEACE that YOU ARE and all Sons of MY NAME’, that wore The White Robe of MY ESSENE of MY YESHUA of OLDE! YOU were the Ones worthy of MY TRUST’, that follow in MY FOOTSTEPS as LORD YESHUA should and EVER WILL ~ as JESIAS’ ~ in HIS HEAVEN formed DUTY of GOD and FATHER YAHWEH; and Blessing EVER shall REMAIN; and JEHOVAH at HIS BACK and MY BEING in all forms ~ ‘THE SON OF CHRIST and THE MIGHT of GOD THE DIVINE’!

Now YOU have a TEACHING and I APPROVE’, as HANNAH has submit, HER Sitter of late, in HER Own RIGHT and I APPLAUD in MY NAME to reach further, as Time so permits! SHE is RISEN this Day in HER WORK for YOU and SHE is a STAR in MY LIFE from now ON, in ways, YOU know NOT HER, that will come in TIME! HER HOUSE were of BENEVERE and in THE ESSENE as has come. ALL APPLAUD and GLORY BE unto GOD’! ‘I AM, ‘THE SON’, who SERVES’, and LIFE is MINE to HOLD, of LIFE ETERNAL’! ALL BEGAN in THE INFINITE.”

[Note ~ A reference to ‘SIR BEDIVERE, KING ARTHURES close friend and loyal KNIGHT of THE ROUND TABLE’, that miraculously brought the dying, critically injured ‘KING ARTHURE’ back to GLASTONBURY ABBEY, from the battlefield at Slaughterbridge for tending to by the BenedictineEssene Monks there in 548 A.D., having lost an Arm ‘HIMSELF’ in ‘THEIR’ final battle together; and then was given the legendary Sword ‘ESCABEURRE’/ ‘EXCALIBUR’ to dispose of, before ‘ARTHURE’ died.

For further information about ‘KING ARTHURES SPIRITUALLY CHANNELLEDAUTOBIOGRAPHY to be hopefully published soon, funds permitting, please watch for further announcement details on our website and our (Order of Mount Carmel UK -Glastonbury page), and Facebook Group /thechristrosesanctuary. See KING ARTHURE Speaks Through The Looking Glass. Vol. 2, by DOMINIC ‘White Eagle Star’. For sale at The Christ Rose Sanctuary, Glastonbury, and from]

“‘I applaud YOU both for keeping UP ~ Amen. Amen. Amen! The Straw that broke the Camels Back has not been served! You kept up HANNAH! Well done! ‘I leave with a SMILE on MY LIPS and GRACE be upon YOU both! PRAISE be GOD for this LIFE and HEART, and HOUSE of GREATNESS BENEATH, in THE GLORY of MY RISEN SON and HEART of ALL LIFE and ETERNAL, and NOW eternal of MY MAGDALENE doing and HER friend to SERVE’!

ADIEUMYLOVE.” Now YOU must Speak more in THE STARS that Rise and I must depart! YOU make ME Laugh YOU Two ~ ‘I LOVE to COME HERE! This House is so different to the rest and I have FUN to attain! ‘I got back MY SENSE of HUMOUR’, which was LONG GONE from the Sadness of Man, and now risen MUCH  from where IT WAS! ‘I leave with a SMILE on MY FACE!”



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Shema & Gadol Elohai (How Great is our God)




As NazareanEssenes, WE follow OUR ‘BELOVED LORD YESHUAS TEACHINGS‘ of OUR connection to the ‘Sun‘ and the ‘CHRIST LIGHT‘ of OUR ‘BELOVED TRINITY OF GOD‘ in all manifestations; ‘THE HEAVENLY FATHEREARTHLY MOTHER‘, ‘THE CHRIST SON‘ and ‘THE HOLY SPIRIT‘. As the Summer Solstice came upon US this Year, it brought a most welcome example of the harmonious relationship that is ever present with all of ‘GODS LOVE of CREATION‘ and the flow of all ‘LIFE‘, both in ‘SPIRIT‘ and in ‘FORM‘. The Flowers were in full Bloom, the Birds in full Song, the Butterflies and Dragonflies had emerged from Their Transition and the Trees were in full Chorus; new LIFE and FULL LIGHT were all around US! With such an ABUNDANCE of ‘ColoursSoundsTastes and Smells’, it is during the Summer Months that the ‘CONNECTION‘ to OUR ‘BELOVED EARTHLY MOTHER‘ is Felt strongest; for ALL are ‘CONNECTED‘ in Presence and Unity of ‘FORM‘.

OUR ‘BELOVED EARTHLY MOTHER‘ is well recognised as ‘THE GIVER of ALL LIFE‘ through the presence of the ‘ELEMENTS‘ and all of ‘NATURE‘ and as such, has become known as OUR ‘MOTHER EARTH‘. There is so much more to OUR BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ that encompasses ‘ALL of CREATION‘. ‘SHE is THE SACRED FEMININE ENERGY‘ of OUR ‘BELOVED HEAVENLY FATHERTHE CREATOR of ALL FORM‘ and ‘PRESENT‘ in the physical manifestation of ‘ALL FORM‘, for all THINGS are made ‘OF HER’’.


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That Thy Days may be long upon the Land.

THE EARTHLY MOTHER‘ is in Thee, and Thou in ‘HER



And to ‘HER‘ shalt Thou One Day give It back again.

Happy art Thou when Thou comest to know ‘HER


If Thou receivest Thy ‘MOTHERS ANGELS

And if Thou doest ‘HER LAWS‘,

Who doeth these things shall never see Disease.

For the ‘POWER of Our MOTHER is ABOVE ALL’.

SHE HATH RULE over all the BODIES of MEN


The Blood which runs in US



LEAPS UP from the WOMB of the EARTH,





The Air which WE Breathe



SOUGHS in the Tops of the MOUNTAINS,





The hardness of OUR Bones


Of the ROCKS and of the STONES.


On the TOPS of the MOUNTAINS,

They are as GIANTS that LIE SLEEPING on the SIDES of the MOUNTAINS,


And are HIDDEN in the DEEPNESS of the EARTH‘.

The Tenderness of OUR Flesh




The Light of OUR Eyes,

The Hearing of OUR Ears,




As the WAVES of the SEAa FISH,



And from HER did the SON of MAN

Receive His WHOLE BODY‘,

Even as the Body of the Newborn Babe

Is Born of the Womb of His Mother,


SHE is in Theeand Thou in HER.

Of HER wert Thou BORN, in HER dost Thou LIVE,

And to HER shalt Thou RETURN AGAIN’.

Keeptherefore,  ‘HER LAWS‘,

For None can Live long, neither be Happy,

But He who Honours His ‘EARTHLY MOTHER

And Doeth ‘HER LAWS‘.





Thy EYES And Thy EARS,



Always are WE ‘EMBRACED by HER‘.


Never can WE part from ‘HER‘;

Never can WE know ‘HER‘ depths.


That which now Existeth never was before.

That which did exist Returneth not again.


In HER MIDST do WE LIVE’, yet WE know ‘HER‘ not.

Continually doth ‘SHE SPEAK to US‘,

Yet never doth Betray to US ‘HER SECRETS‘.


Yet WE have no Power over ‘HER‘.


And ‘HER WORKPLACE‘ is hidden from the Eyes of Men.”

[Taken from ‘Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood’ Book Three of ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace’. By Edmund Bordeaux Székely. Reprinted with grateful thanks and Copyright Permission of Norma Jean Székely

Copyright © 2018 by AudioEnlightenment.]


One of the ways in which WE strengthen and explore this UNION, is through ‘Prayer‘ and ‘Meditation‘ with OUR ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER‘ and ‘HER ANGELS‘ through OUR DAILY COMMUNIONS. The practice of OUR Weekly Shabbat brings US ever CLOSER to ‘HER PRESENCE, TEACHINGS and BLESSINGS‘. As ‘HER CHILDREN‘, WE embrace the intimate and Loving UNION WE share with ‘HER‘ wherever WE are by Honouring ‘HER PRESENCE‘ First and foremost within OurselvesEach Other and the WORLD AROUND US.


Copyright ©Autumn 2023 of The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary, Glastonbury, England.

The Once Daily 

NazareanEssene ‘Holy‘ Prayer to ‘THE HOLY TRINITY‘.

[The Morning Prayer.]








Forgive US OUR Sinsas WE atone all OUR Sins

against ‘THEE‘.

And lead US not into sickness, but deliver US

from all evil,



[Taken from ‘The Ancient NazareanEssene Daily Communions‘ Prayer Book ~ International World Copyright © Rev.d Sister Dominic of ‘The NazareanEssene Order of Mount Carmel U.K. (Glastonbury)’ and ‘The Morning Star Solar College of Astrogeny‘. Reprinted with grateful thanks and Copyright Permission of Norma Jean Székely.]

It is the Teaching of OUR ‘BELOVÉD LORD I AM and LORD YESHUA‘ that Guides US in these Prayers and offers US all the opportunity to welcome the NOURISHMENT that is ever PRESENT and available for US to EMBODY:

And You will Feel the ‘POWER of THE EARTHLY MOTHER‘ flowing through Your Body like the River when It is swollen with Rains and COURSES MIGHTILY with a GREAT NOISE.”


Copyright ©Autumn 2023 of The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary, Glastonbury, England.

Saturday Morning ‘SHABBAT HOLY COMMUNION‘ Prayer







Never will I desert ‘HER‘, and always will ‘SHE‘ nourish and sustain My Body.'”


[Taken from ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace‘ Book One by Edmund Bordeaux Székely. Reprinted with grateful thanks and Copyright Permission of Norma Jean SzékelyCopyright © 2018 by AudioEnlightenment.]


This Prayer encourages Us to visualiseTHE EARTHLY MOTHER’ bringing Us all the ‘DIVINE GIFTS of PERFECT GOOD HEALTH and WHOLENESS’ to Our ‘Spirit’ which in turn manifests into Our ‘Physical Body’. 

These are indeed profound teachings and help Us to BRIDGE the GAP between Our Day to Day realities and being-ness in the ‘Physical Form’ with Our ‘Spirit’, for ONE and the other are the SAME and made of ‘LIGHT’. The World and ways in which many of Us were taught to Live, have served to ‘DISCONNECT‘’ Us from the ‘TRUTH’ that We are each an ‘ASPECT and CREATION OF GOD’ that was born from the ‘SPIRIT’ and created into the ‘Physical’.  It is here that We find the ‘TRUE ESSENCE of OurBELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’.  For ‘SHE’ is everywhere and everything, including the UNQUANTIFIABLE amount of Cells throughout ALL of EXISTENCE that work in unison together, as well as the ‘Senses’ that facilitate Our EXPERIENCE of Them.  When One truly contemplates this ‘TRUTH’, it is solely by the ‘PHYSICAL PRESENCE of Our BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ that Our ‘Hearts’ even exist to house Our ‘SOULS’, bringing the ‘SPIRIT’ into Physical being as ‘ONE’ with the intention of creating ‘HEAVEN on EARTH’.

As WE travel into and through this NEWSILVER AGE’ of ‘THE FEMININE ENERGY’ that is upon Us, there has never been a more important TIME for each Individual to turn Their efforts inwards with regards to this ‘TRUTH’. So many ‘SOULS’ unknowingly Live outside of the ‘Body’ in order to survive challenging experiences and as such, DISCONNECT, not only from Themselves, but from the ‘LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE of Their BELOVÉD GOD’. DISCONNECTED from ‘DIVINE TRUTH’ through the ‘Spirit’ and ‘Form’. The Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies DETERIORATE due to DISEASE and the ‘LIGHT BODY’ fades further into dense and heavyEnergies’. As a consequence, the ‘Mind’ is all that remains, without the Heart to GUIDE it and the ‘CONNECTION’ to the ‘True Self’ is LOST!

Many Light Workers have incarnated at this Time with the sole purpose to ‘RECONNECT’ and RECLAIM the ‘CONNECTION’ with ‘Self’, and in doing so, Each are becoming a Bridge that ‘CHANNELS the LIGHT and LOVE of THE CHRIST’ into BEING!  Our AWARENESS is the Key to unlocking all that is available to Us and it is through the ‘DISCERNMENT’ of Our Daily choices and actions, that DETERMINES EVERYTHING. Many may not realise it but the Daily choices We make in our OWN Life, impacts the experience for OTHERS; a ‘TRUTH’ that has stood the test of Time. Every action and nonaction naturally has a CONSEQUENCE as We are ‘ETERNALLY’ bound and ‘CONNECTED’ to Each Other in ‘CONSCIOUSNESS’. Our ‘BELOVED GOD BLESSED’ Us with free Will, knowing that this ‘GIFTS’ each of Us with the ability and the power to create WHATEVER We CHOOSE. Where We place Our ATTENTION is where We place Our ENERGY’, which in turn directsTHE LAWS of ATTRACTION’!  Recognising that every moment presents unlimited choices and OPPORTUNITIES to PERCEIVE things differently, to ‘THINK’ differently, to FEEL differently and to RESPOND differently, is the Key, to creating the CHANGES that WE WISH to ‘See’ in our OWN Lives and in the WORLD.

Taking great care of Our ‘MINDS’ and feeling through Our HEARTS, in turn takes great care of Our Bodies in ways that We cannot fully understand and this requires Living from the Heart and in ‘DIVINE TRUTH’, following the ‘NATURAL LAWS’ of Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHERS LOVE’. As We Heal Ourselves, We Heal Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’; as We Love Ourselves We Love Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ and as We Honour Ourselves, We Honour Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’, for all are ONE of the SAME. ‘Kindness’ has always been the most POWERFUL Act of Love towards ‘The Self’ and Others and it is only by MAKING this part of Our ‘FIVE-A-DAY’ that We invite this ‘Energy’ to enter into Our ‘THOUGHTS, FEELINGS, WORDS and ACTIONS’ which ripple out into the WORLD!  In the ‘LIGHT of LOVE’, We do not consume the produce or Flesh of Our ‘Brothers and Sisters’ in the ‘Animal Kingdoms’, and take only from Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHERS LIFE FORCE of FOODS’ that grow naturally around Us in abundance. 

We are all helping the ‘COLLECTIVE and each other at this Time, as We witness much resistance and fear around the DISINTEGRATION of the Global Society structure and CHANGES in the climate of our Planet ~ Increasing Solar Flares entering Our Atmosphere, Earthquakes, Wild Fires, Volcanic Eruptions and severe low pressure Weather Systems. ACCEPTANCE, COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS are the only way FORWARD in terms of these CONSEQUENCES, towards Ourselves and Others for Our ‘THOUGHTS’ and ‘FEELINGS’ have an IMMEDIATE EFFECT on ALL of these Environmental factors!  With so many still ‘DISCONNECTED’ from the ‘LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE of Our BELOVED GOD’, We EACH have an opportunity to commit and ‘CONNECT’ to Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’, in a way that We have never done BEFORE! To HOLD the ‘LIGHT’, HOLD the ‘LOVE’ ~ and to help create and HOLD TRUE and LASTINGPEACE’. This is the Time to return to Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’, ALL that ‘SHEhas and is still freelyGIVING’ to ALL, in order for ‘LIFE’ to even EXIST!

Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER is HEALING’ all means of BRUTALITY and needs Our support in this huge UNDERTAKING, as Our Planet ‘Ascends’ out of ‘THE DARKNESS‘ and into the RSAL CYCLE of GIVING and RECEIVING’ by maintaining this flow through PRAYERS and OFFERING increasing ‘LIGHT of CHRIST’. We are Each being ‘CALLED’, to become part of the ‘UNIVES to Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’.  However small or insignificant it may seem, know that ‘SHE FEELSALL that is Felt and ‘SHE EXPERIENCES’, ALL that occurs and that no ACT ofLOVE’, no AMOUNT ofGRATITUDE, PRAISE, CEREMONIES, OFFERINGS’ or ‘BLESSINGS’ are ever TOO SMALL!

Simple acts, such as taking a moment in Gratitude to ‘CONNECT’ with Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHERS HEART RHYTHM’ as ‘SHE BEATSwithin Us or ‘MINDFUL BREATHING’ intended to accept and recipicateHER LOVING BREATH’ through our Own, are OPPORTUNITIES that are always available to Us in ANY GIVEN MOMENT! Walk or Stand Bare Foot where there are Natural Grounds such as Grass, Beaches and Soil, take a Walk into the wild and ‘CONNECT’ to the flowing Natural Waters through ALL of Your ‘SENSES’! INTERACT with the Breeze that SURROUNDS You and WITNESS how it DANCES with ‘ALL LIFE’. ‘See’ and ‘Feel’ the Warmth of the SUNLIGHT as It cascades and nourishes Your Own ‘Being’ and ALL those around You! TALK, TOUCH and HUG the Plants and Trees with LOVING GRATITUDE and there You will discover the nature of Your ‘TRUE BEING’. For the ‘MIRACLE of Our BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ is only found and Felt when Our HEARTS are WIDE OPEN toCONNECT and RECEIVE’ these ‘GIFTS, BLESSINGS and TEACHINGS’ that are EVER PRESENT and EVER FLOWING!

Each time We WELCOME Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER and HER ANGELS’ into Our ‘Prayers, Hearts and Minds’, We WELCOMETHEMALL into Our Being’ and in turn help to createHEAVEN on EARTH’ for Each Other!  For We are ‘HER CHILDREN’ and ‘SHE’ is Our ‘ONE TRUE MOTHER of THE ONE DIVINE and BELOVÉD CREATOR and GIVER of ALL LIFE’. THE ANGEL of WATER, ANGEL of AIR, ANGEL of EARTH, ANGEL of SUN, ANGEL of JOY and ANGEL of LIFE’ are always there to ‘CONNECT’ with US through Our ‘Heart Felt Senses and in Meditation as ‘SPIRITUAL GUIDES’. It is ONLY when We call upon ‘THEIR PRESENCE’, that We are TRULY BLESSED with ‘UNIVERSAL WISDOM’ and ‘PROFOUND PEACE’!

So many of Those in Our World TODAY are carrying ‘Mother’ wounds as a result of either not HAVING HAD a Mother, or not KNOWING a Mother’s Love within Their experience.  This is TRUE of many of Our ‘Ancestors’ and as such, the concept of a ‘Mother’ has been lost in translation throughout the course of HISTORY, through DIFFERING CULTURES, TEACHINGS and CIRCUMSTANCES. It is through Our ‘CONNECTION’ with Our ‘BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ that We have the OPPORTUNITY and all that We NEED to HEAL these WOUNDS and those of our ‘ANCESTORS’, as We inherit the Trauma of ‘Their’ experiences within Our Own ‘MIND BODY’.  The ‘LOVE of Our BELOVÉD EARTHLY MOTHER’ is UNCONDITIONAL and EVER PRESENT as Our ‘BELOVÉD LORD YESHUA’ Taught over 2,000-Years ago:

HAPPY is He who Loves HisMOTHERand lies quietly inHER BOSOM’. For YourMOTHER LOVES YOU’, even when You turn away fromHER’. And how much more shallSHE LOVE YOU’, if You TURN toHERAGAIN? ‘Itell You TRULY, ‘VERY GREAT is HER LOVE’, greater than the greatest of Mountains, deeper than the deepest Seas. And Those who Love TheirMOTHER’, ‘SHE NEVER DESERTS THEM’. As the Hen protects Her Chickens, as the Lioness Her Cubs, as the Mother Her Newborn Babe, so doesTHE EARTHLY MOTHER PROTECT The Son of Man FROM ALL DANGER and FROM ALL EVILS.’”

[‘LORD YESHUAS’ Teaching to the sick and maimed ~ Taken from ‘The Essene Gospel of Peace’. Book One

By Edmund Bordeaux Székely. Copyright © 2018 by AudioEnlightenment.]

Flowers of the Forest ~ Prayer.




May ‘THE QUEENETH‘ come,

May ‘THY WILL‘ be done

That ‘HEAVEN‘ may come to ‘EARTH‘.

Please allow Me this Day


And forgive Me My Forgetting

As I learn through ‘YOUR GRACE

To return all nonLove with ‘LOVE‘.





Forever and EVER.


[Taken from the ‘Mystical Teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals‘.]


‘MAMA’ ~ Sam Garrett and Mollie Mendoza.

Links to YouTube Videos of Songs relating to ‘THE EARTHLY MOTHER’:

Below is a Playlist of ‘Songs‘ and an inspirational Prayer WE came across here at the PEACE SANCTUARY which harmonises with the ‘NazareanEssene Teachings‘ to Honour Our ‘MOTHER DIVINE of THE UNIVERSAL HOLY TRINITY‘, of which You are welcome to use and SHARE. WE encourage You, Your Families and Your Friends, to reach within Your ‘Heart‘ and ‘SOUL‘ to CREATE Your Own POEMS, SONGS, GATHERINGS and PRAYERS over the coming Months. WE invite You to send these in to US, along with anything else You would like to share of Your experiences in relation to this Month’s edition ‘StMICHAEL and ALL ANGELS‘ Nasserite Newsletter. Please do so by E-Mail to: so that these can be included in the next Newsletter, under a new section called ‘A TIME of SHARING’’.



BELOVÉD LORD YAHWEH‘ has just Spoken very gently and reverently into MY Ear to close. WE as a HOLY GLASTONBURY centred NASSERITE ORDER, really are TRULY BLESSED!

Blessings of ‘PEACE‘ be with You ALL, in all ways and for always until WE meet again!


Nazarean Essene Books

The Spiritually Channelled Autobiography of King Arthure

 of Avalon, Wessex & Angleland.

Part 1
The Peasant Mystic of Tintagel, Cornwall & Glastonbury
on the Sacred Isle of Avalon
Dominic White Eagle Star

“So go forth and allow the Men to Know of. Your Book must be read and circulated WIDELY and Men will unfold and discover Them-Selves and wonder how They missed IT in Their rush here and there. But It’s back, through Your Soul, and Share this Teaching far and wide of ARTHURE PENDRAGON, before and afterward in HIS Life, and know, I Love all BEINGS in the Name of MY GOD in HEAVEN!”


For the First Time in History, the very noble, courageous & charismatic leadership of the mystical & legendary 6th. Century Anglo-Romano KING ARTHURE of Wessex, Avalon & Angleland is revealed to a Spiritual Medium in Glastonbury, to be published in Two Books, Part I & Part II of HIS fascinating channelled Autobiography.

In Part I, HE reveals a previously unknown window into HIS Life as the Merlin of HIS Day, lived in Bronze Age Briton, in Tintagara (Tintagel), a town HE founded on the North Coast of Dumnonia (Cornwall); to prepare the way for the Coming of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH, known as ‘The Nazarene’ with HIS Great-Uncle, St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN to this Sacred Isle. Known then as ARA The GOOD, HE describes how HE built the First Nazarean Essene Monastery & Cathedral in this Ancient Land & started the Spiritual Training of some of HIS later to be Knights of the Round Table as the First Celtic Saints. To quote ARA,

The ESSENE were BORN here in these ISLES!”

ARA gives a vivid description of what happened when HE received the Miraculous HOLY GRAIL of great renowned & describes who was present with HIM at that Time in Avalon; what IT looked like; who made IT; what ITS structure is made up of; the Divine Purpose for IT being gifted to this Planet; & where IT is buried.

We get to glimpse a personal & deeply private side of KING ARTHURE that had been previously lost in the Mystical Mists of Avalon during the past 1,500 Years: HIS incredibly hard-working Devotional Life’s Service to GOD & HIS sweet & radiantly Loving charismatic Personality. Speaking as ARA The GOOD in this Volume, HE reveals many amazing new facts as to Who this truly Enlightened Being really was, is & ever shall remain, that continues to be Loved World over & continues to Live in the Heart of all Mankind. A Book to truly stretch the Mind with all its many twists & turns in many pleasant & unexpected ways.

You’re the PATH to FREEDOM and LOVE. Get this Book OUT to the WORLD and make Them LOOK at Their Lives and Practices of TODAY! It is Their LAST RIGHT to LIFE!!! GO for it. Reach ALL You CAN, FAR and WIDE! The TRUTHS of GOD are IMMACULATE to Her and ALL LIFE! With One BREATH, It can sweep the Land this Book and reach the Hearts of MEN! That is why I have WRITTEN it for You and come BACK! I waited ALL, MY, LIFE, for Your RETURN and now You have come BACK!”







The Winds of Truth are a set of six Sacred Texts that are the result of a collaboration between ‘LORD MIKAAL‘ and ‘HIS‘ daughter ‘Mrs. DE VERE SMITH (CHARVARINIS)’ through a method of deep trance channelling. The main Text, ‘THE YANIHIAN SCRIPT‘ was written and published in West Hampstead, London in 1939, with the further five texts released in Glastonbury in 1942.
For 80 years these books have been protected and promoted by dedicated Trustees – ‘Silver Lily Sanctuary’ 1936 – 1943. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Lily’ 1943 – 80’s. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Dawn’ 1980’s – 2005. ‘The Winds of Truth Trust’ 2006 – 2019.

In 2020 it was decided to update and re-present theses Sacred Texts to a Awakening Global audience.

Under instructions from ‘LORD MIKAAL‘, the texts have been reformatted with new cover designs; photographs of drawn portraits of the Thirteen ‘SOLAR LORDS‘ are included and a new Forward Written by ‘LORD MIKAAL HIMSELF‘. The Winds of Truth Expanded Edition 2020 books are now copyright protected and promoted through THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY in Glastonbury.

These Sacred Books are now being prepared for printing and will be available to buy soon…

Further details about each book can be found here –




Five Spiritual Addresses by ‘LORD YESHUA and LORD YAHWEH‘.



These ‘DIVINE CHANNELLINGS‘ are achieved through the setting aside of THE BLESSED LADY DOMINIC’S mental body, so that Through ‘CHRIST LIGHT‘ Vibration, ‘THEY‘ connect ‘SOUL to SOUL’ for ‘LORD YAHWEH & LORD YESHUA‘ to SPEAK using HER VOICE box. Only by ‘THEIR‘ Divine Relationship since before Time Began, can this Transmission happen.


You can listen to these Essene Solar Teachings on THE CHRIST ROSE SANTUARY website – 

The recordings of these Transmission have been transcribed and will be available, as books soon…

Nazarean-Essene Prayer Book

This little Booklet of Sacred
Nazarean Essene Holy Teachings
is published in Remembrance and undying Devotion
to My Beloved Rabboni YESHUA ~
the only begotten SON of LORD JEHOVAH
and the PRINCE of PEACE.
It is also written that the Sacred Teachings of the
MASTER of all Masters may be made truly known
and spoken of once more in
Somerset, England of which
HE is ever ITS HIGH PRIEST and
of LOVE and LIFE.
May the
bloom once more in this sainted legendary
All-Sacred Isle of Avalon as of old.
Written for all GOD’S Children of Light of many colours
that wish to return once more to enter within
the Eternal Garden of LORD YESHUA and the
Nazarean Essene Order of the Brotherhood.
With Love and Eternal Gratitude
for this DIVINE GIFT into my Life.
Mary of Bethany
12th. December, 2013

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