The Christ Rose Sanctuary

A Special 15th April. 2023 Edition.

A Special E-Magazine to Honour, Respect and

Celebrate, the Life of ‘Saint Gandalf’ and the Passing

Over of ‘THE MAGDALENES’ brave little ‘Warrior of the Rainbow‘.

[b. 4th March. 2016 – d. 15th April. 2023.]

Explaining the formatting of the text.

You will notice that the style and ‘Wording’ of ‘MY‘ Text changes occasionally. ‘WE‘ were ‘TAUGHT‘ to ‘GIVE RESPECT to THE GREAT SPIRIT‘ in all ‘WRITTEN TEXT‘ as well as in the ‘SPOKEN SACRED WORD‘. This was done by placing capital letters at the front of any ‘Word‘ that refers to something that contains the ‘GREAT SPIRIT’S LIFE ESSENCE in any DIMENSION of GOD‘. After all, ‘It was SACRED‘! ‘IT‘ was “WAKAN!’ ‘IT‘ still ‘IS‘!

Therefore, to try and distinguish between ‘GOD’S‘ many different ‘SPIRITUAL REALMS or MANSIONS of HEAVEN and EARTH‘, when talking about ‘UNIVERSAL SPIRIT‘, those ‘SPIRITUAL ASPECTS‘ that relate to the ‘HEAVEN‘ or ‘SOLAR REALMS‘ are placed in italic script and in ‘single quotes’. Those ‘ASPECTS of SPIRIT‘ that relate to ‘MOTHER EARTH, THE MOTHERHOOD of GOD ASPECT‘, (apart from ‘HER DIVINE BEING HERSELF‘) in the main are not. Just capital letters are given to the subject in question.

The ‘WORD‘ is the ‘SON of GOD‘ and the ‘SON of GOD‘ is ‘LOVE and LIGHT‘. ‘LOVE and LIGHT‘ are ‘VIBRATION‘ and ‘VIBRATION gives forth a SOUND‘. ‘SOUND VIBRATION‘ brings forth the ‘SPOKEN WORD‘. Therefore, the ‘SPOKEN WORD‘ is ‘SACRED‘, because ‘IT‘ emanates in ‘IT’S‘ original form direct from ‘THE GOD-HEAD of LIFE‘.



Peace be unto You All.

This is an extra edition to the norm. of Our ‘CHRIST’ Rose Sanctuary E-Magazine, to share with You the sad News of One of Our much Loved by All Nasserite-Essene Team Members here in Holy Glastonbury.

A Special EMagazine to Honour, Respect and Celebrate, the Life of ‘Saint Gandalf and the Passing Over of ‘THE MAGDALENES’ brave little ‘Warrior of the Rainbow’.

[b. 4th. March, 2016-d. 15th. April. 2023.]

Praised be ‘MY LORD’ for all ‘Those’ who pardon One another for ‘HIS NAMES’ sake and who endure weakness and tribulationBlessed are ‘They’ who Peacefully shall endure, for ‘THOU’, O most ‘HIGHEST’, shalt give Them a ‘Crown’!”

[Written by MY former Friend, the BenedictineEssene Brother ‘StFRANCIS of ASSISI’. From ‘The Song of Brother Sun’. Verse 8.]

It is with great sadness, that I have to Tell You of the passing away of ‘Sir Gandalf the White’ Yesterday Afternoon at 3:00 p.m. G.M.T., MY beautiful all White highly ‘Spiritual’ Tomcat.


Sir Gandalf’ was born on the 4th. March, 2016 with His all-Brown Tabby Brother ‘Uthyr Pendragon’ as One of 6 Kittens and arrived at The ‘CHRIST’ Rose Centre in Glastonbury 6-Weeks later, a rather reserved, shy and yet playful bundle of White Fluff, following the death of MY abandoned, truly wild initially, feral Cat ‘Little Princess Miss Mullein’. I was sent to a small Village just North of Gloucester 2-Hours drive away from this Peace Sanctuary to find ‘Them’, which seems extreme I know to find a Kitten, and yet in a Country normally overrun with Cats looking for a good Home, at this particular Time I was Looking, not One was to be found anywhere.

When I arrived at this particular Ladies family Home, I was somewhat Shocked at what I found. It was a rather run-down Terraced House, with a single parented Mother trying to bring up Her Daughter, a Horse, Dogs, and a very under fed and malnourished emaciated Queen Mother Cat, trying to feed and failing, Her gorgeous recent litter of new born Kittens as best She could, but truly struggling, with the Dice that She had been dealt! Her very thin Daughter and the Dogs Looked in the same malnourished state. I dread to think what state the Ladies Horse was in going by the rest of what I was Seeing!

Her Partner that then arrived, started picking up the Kittens that He could find One by One, that were wandering around the large Kitchen Floor, that had been given free range of the Kitchen for ME to See. 4 of every Colour quickly passed into MY HANDS consecutively in rapid Fire, while I quickly Looked Them over to examine what state They were in! One was still asleep very quietly in the Cat Basket (‘Sir Gandalf’), but the 6th. was missing! I let the Woman’s Partner carry on strip searching the Kitchen for the missing Kitten, while I went over and picked up the sleepy White Ball of Fluff in the Basket, that Looked a perfect miniature of ‘His’ poor emaciated Mother, except for One feature, and that was a ¼” vertical stripe of bright Ginger Fur like a Mohawk Hair cut from between ‘His Ears’ down to the ‘Bridge of His Nose’. ‘He’ instantly snuggled further into MY Jumper, and Looking in good Health considering, I made MY Mind up to buy ‘Him’ there and then to rescue ‘Him’!

I decided to call ‘Him Mohawk’, having just spent the last 7-Years of MY Life running an international NativeAmerican Sioux Non-Profit Charity Newsletter as Its Editor, and fundraising all over the U.K. and the United States, to get the eldest Son of a Lakota Medicine Chief through University for the ‘StCLARES’ MISSION’ with another English Nurse then Living in Nebraska in the U.S.A.; a NativeAmerican Sioux Indian and Wolf Rescue Centre Charity, that WE set up together. It was One way for ME to thank Them, the descendants of MY dear friend ‘CHIEF SITTING BULL’ of the Hunkpapa Sioux Indians, that saved MY Life, when I was 12-Years old during MY last incarnation, as the eldest, and only surviving Daughter ‘KAPKAP PONMI’/ ‘SOUND of RUNNING FEET, (nicknamed ‘TAHHY’ meaning ‘CRUNCHY’ or the ‘SOUND of WALKING in SNOW’) of ‘PEACE CHIEF HINMATÓOWYALAHTQIT of the NIMÍIPUU WALLOWA BAND’ of NorthEast Oregon, also known by the ‘Whites’ as ‘YOUNG CHIEF JOSEPH’ towards the end of the 1877 Nez Percé Massacre. Prior to that, I was married to ‘THE GREAT PEACEMAKER’, ‘THE LORD HAYENTWATHA of the ONONDAGA BAND’ (incorrectly called ‘HIAWATHA’) of the Iroquois of the Great Lakes area of New York State in the early 16th. Century, that travelled the area with another famous Mohawk Indian Prophet called ‘DEGANIWEDA’. Between ‘THEM’, ‘THEY’ created the famous ‘5 Nations Confederacy’, upon which the NorthAmerican Government based Its American Constitution.

The Ladies Partner, then established where the missing 6-Week-old Kitten of the Litter was ~ stuck down the back of the Refrigerator ~ and slowly managed to prize ‘Him’ out! Again, this little emaciated scrap of Brown Tabby Fur snuggled into MY Jumper choosing ME for ‘His’ new ‘Mum’, and despite only going originally to purchase One new Kitten, I came away with 2! I paid the Guy ‘His’ Money, got ‘Them’ both into MY Cat Box, placed ‘Them’ securely in MY front Car Seat, and started to drive away. Next thing I knew, before I’D hardly travelled ½-Mile, MY old friend and Father-in-Law from 1,500-Years ago appeared in the Car with ME ‘Spiritually’, ‘KING UTHYR PENDRAGON’ from out of the Blue, and started chatting to ME as of olde! Well, there is no separation in Time and Worlds in the ‘SPIRIT WORLD’ and ‘HE’ drove with ME as an additional unexpected Passenger in the Car almost all of the way back to Holy Glastonbury, which was great fun after so long to have a catch up on News!

Well, You couldn’t end up with 2 more different Kittens in personality than those 2! ‘Mohawk’ continued to be very quiet, observant, very thoughtful and reserved, whilst His Brother, the other Tabby Brown Kitten that I had named ‘Uthyr Pendragon’ for obvious reasons, was like ‘His’ name sake, explorative, too adventurous for ‘His’ own good, very courageous and very outward going! Both were playful, ‘Gandalf’ with ‘His’ Ping Pong Balls and String to chase and ‘Uthyr Pendragon’ running up to the top of the Peace Sanctuary Lounge Curtains, trying to walk across the 4-Foot-deep Goldfish Pond Garden Netting, and getting stuck behind the gap of the T.V. Stereo Unit also in the Lounge!


Uthyr PendragonMiss Willow and Sir Gandalf’.

The Brothers divided the back Garden up into 2 parts between ‘Themselves’. ‘Sir Uthyr’ surprisingly took it upon ‘Himself’, to ‘Serve’ as MY ‘Temple Cat’ of ‘THE JESIAS Temple of The Silver Rose’ here at the Peace Sanctuary and 5-Minutes before I was due to go into there and Say MY Ancient Essene Holy Communion Prayers Thrice Daily, ‘He’ would go running everywhere Looking for ME, to Tell ME, that the UNIVERSAL PLANETARY ‘LORD CHRIST and MESSIANIC SOLAR ENERGIES’ were about to CHANGE AGAIN, and that I needed to get into the Temple quickly before ‘THEY’ DID! Young ‘UTHYR’ literally FELT ‘THEM’ like MYSELF and was never late! ‘He’ always got to the Temple Door First before ME and had ‘His’ little Dark-Brown Paws up onto the front Step to get inside of the Building First, to make sure that ‘He’ would most certainly not be late for ‘HIS PRAYERS’ to be Said to ‘THE UNIVERSAL GREAT SPIRIT’ over of ALL LIFE bang on Time!

As Time went on, ‘Sir Gandalf’ eventually got ‘His’ courage up too and started to patrol around the outside of the Temple Building and ‘WATCHED CLAIRVOYANTLY’ who was around energetically, trying to get into ‘His’ Mum’s Garden. This ‘He’ became profoundly experienced in and became quite ‘THE MAGDALENES’ little Guru Cat! Like ‘Little Princess Miss Mullein’, ‘Sir Gandalf’ would ‘ASTRAL TRAVEL’ up to 200-Miles if I was away from Home for some reason, and needed to Tell ME something ‘He’ had ‘SEEN’ untoward ‘He’ was concerned about, and needed to report it in to ME! Later on, ‘Sir Gandalf’ would venture in a Southerly direction at Night, down onto the Somerset Levels that lay down below the famous Wearyall Hill Ridge and ‘Uthyr Pendragon’ started to venture across the Road Northwards in front of the Sanctuary, and started to cross into the Ruins of Holy Glastonbury Abbey at Night, as a part of ‘His’ hunting territory. That sadly was ‘King Uthyrs’ downfall. For 18-Months later, ‘He’ was struck by a Car and killed outright. From that Day forth, everything changed for ‘Sir Gandalf’! ‘He’ missed ‘His’ dear Life Companion so much, ‘He’ never stopped searching for ‘Him’! Having Looked everywhere physically speaking, ‘Sir Gandalf’ started to ‘LOOK’ in ‘THE BEYOND WORLDS’! Both Cats and Dogs develop this ‘SPIRITUAL’ ability given the right circumstances to develop Themselves by Their Owners. During MY Lifetime, I have had 5 Cats and 2 Dogs out of several dozen, that have really excelled in ‘Their SPIRITUAL GIFTS’, far more than the majority of Humans I know. ‘Sir Gandalf’ proved to be One of ‘These’!

When I was ‘COMMANDED by CHRIST’ to move from Herefordshire in 2012 down to ‘THE ISLE of AVALON’ to Live and First open this NazareanEssene Spiritual Centre’, ‘Sir Gandalf’ took it upon ‘Himself’, to greet everybody, do an ‘AURIC’ Scan of Them, and welcome personally, all Those that were in Harmony with ‘CHRISTS UNIVERSAL NASSERITE LOVE and LIGHT TEACHINGS’, and stay well away from Those that were NOT! ‘He’ was a good little Compass, of who was trustworthy coming to sleep under MY Roof and who was not! ‘He’ was always right as well!

When ‘Young Uthyr’ was killed, ‘He’ missed ‘Him’ terribly for Months, but eventually began to take on ‘His’ Brother’s role ‘SPIRITUALLY’ as well. ‘He’ took on any rogue Cats that wandered into ‘His’ Mum’s Sanctuary Peace Garden and started to win every fight that ‘He’ took on, although ‘He’ hated having to fight from the Day of ‘His’ birth! ‘He’ was far too ‘SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED’ by then to even contemplate such an act of violence! It was just not ‘His WAY’! ‘Sir Gandalf’ was a LOVER, not a Hater of anything or anyone. ‘He’ WELCOMED all that He considered SAFE and hid from all Those that ‘He’ considered NOT! ‘He’ grew over the Years to become very brave and territorial of ‘His’ Home and ‘His’ Peace Garden and grew to Love It dearly!

Then on Tuesday, 11th. April, 2023, ‘He’ came Home with a very large Wound on ‘His’ left Buttock Cheek under ‘His’ Tail and all of ‘His’ White Fur had been ripped off from It, with 3 large Wounds in ‘His’ left Upper Arm. Something had grabbed ‘Him’ from behind and done ‘Him’ some serious injuries. It had bitten through ‘His’ Bladder and ‘His’ Urethra, and ’He’ could no longer Urinate. Despite several attempts by numerous Vets to Catheterise ‘Him’ and all failing, ‘His’ back Leg turned very Bruised from ‘His’ Hip down to ‘His’ back Paws, started to develop Cellulitis, and became quickly Septic. Despite ‘Him’ being put on 2 different courses of broad-spectrum Anti-biotics for any infection Intra-Venously, with some strong Opiate Analgesia Pain relief, ‘Sir Gandalf’ started to go into Heart, Liver and Renal Failure. I personally contacted many of OUR LOVELY Animal Healer Brethren within this Nazarene international Community, asking Them to begin Saying Prayers for ‘Him’ with ME, and shortly afterwards, I was ‘GIVEN a VISION’ of an ‘ANGEL’ fully clad in White Robes stood next to ‘His’ Cat Kennel at the Vets, ‘WATCHING’ over ‘Him’, ‘PROTECTING Him’. I asked ‘LORD YAHWEH’ if it was ‘Sir Gandalfs’ Time to be put down, to put ‘Him’ out of ‘His’ suffering, absolutely dreading the reply, Loving ‘Him’ so much as I do and ‘His’ only being 7-Years, 11-Months and 11-Days, but much to MY relief, back came the most definite reply, “No!” ‘HE” continued:

That Cat KNOWS, ‘He’ has been FED, ‘THE NECTAR of THE SPIRIT’!”

So on Saturday, Shabbat, 15th. April, 2023, I drove ‘Sir Gandalf’ for a Second Opinion to Langford Veterinary Hospital at Bristol University, a Veterinary Teaching School. The Veterinary Surgeons and I.C.U. Nurses were superb. I can’t fault Them in any way. They had the specialist surgical skills to perform this very rare form of surgery that ‘He’ required and examined MY dear ‘Sir Gandalf’ thoroughly to assess the chances of ‘His’ surviving this 6-Hour long Theatre procedure; and were willing to try, but They didn’t Think ethically, that it was the kindest thing to do, to operate on ‘Him’.

Everything was against ‘Him’ pulling through this long Surgery and so I asked for the former ‘LORD CHRISTS PERMISSION’ and ‘Sir Gandalfs CREATOR SPIRIT’, to allow ‘Him’ to be put to sleep a Second Time. It was clear by now that ‘He’ was suffering and this Time came back the reply that I needed, but truly dreaded, “YesPermission is GIFTED’! I signed the Consent Form with huge reluctance, but I knew ‘His’ chances were very, very slim by now of pulling through the Surgery, and making a recovery afterwards with any reasonable form of quality of Life. It just wasn’t fair to put ‘Him’ through all of that, having worked as an Operating Theatre Nurse for much of MY 25-Year Hospital Nursing career. The Veterinary Surgeon Said that He would go away and take all of the Intra-Venous Catheters and Lines out of ‘His’ dear Body except for One, to insert the Anaesthetic Drugs through into ‘Him’ with. I requested of Him to be able to See dear and so loyal ‘Guru Gandalf Cat’ once more Firstly and to bring ‘Him’ out to ME to give a cuddle to before He injected the Drugs to end ‘His’ such precious Holy Life. He agreed and returned back into the Waiting Room where I was sat with Sister Hannah a few Minutes afterwards, with ‘Sir Gandalf’ Looking very sedated and comfortably high as a Kite on ‘His’ Opiate Drugs.

He’ was wrapped in a soft Silver and White woven Blanket, the Colour of the ‘ATRUHM RAY of LOVE and LIFE of CHRIST’ when ‘He’ re-appeared in the Consultation Room, and gently placed in MY ARMS assisted by the Vet. ‘He’ got ‘His’ much-Loved cuddle and after a few Minutes, ‘He’ managed to open ‘His’ rather glazed and starring Eyes, and realised that it was ME cuddling ‘Him’ again as of old, before this Nightmare had begun. ‘He’ had been kept in 2 different Veterinary I.C.U Units since the former Tuesday and not Seen ME at all. As soon as ‘He’ realised it was ‘His’ own Mum holding ‘Him’ again, sitting there Loving ‘Him’ in HER ARMS, without an Ounce of Energy left in ‘His’ critically Ill by now little Body, ‘He’ started to Purr, Looking at ME directly in the Face with such Gratitude for a few Minutes, to all of Our amazement, as if to Say such a “Thank You”, that I don’t Think all 3 of US will EVER FORGET IT! It was SO MOVING! Unknown to the other 2 Present in the Room, I ‘CALLED INHEAVENS ANGEL of DEATH’, to come and gather ‘Him UP’ at that Beautifully Peaceful moment for ‘Him’, and ‘SHE’ took ‘Him’ out of ‘His’ Physical Body that WE all KNEW and LOVED SO MUCH instantly! ‘Sir Gandalfs precious Head’ fell backwards onto MY ARM and before the Veterinary Surgeon could inject any euthanasia Drugs into ‘His’ One remaining Cannula in ‘His’ front Paw, ‘He’ was GONE! ‘LORD YAHWEHTHE FORMER LORD CHRIST’ had kept ‘HIS PROMISE’ to MYSELF and OUR beautiful ‘Sir Gandalf’, and let ‘Him’ GO! ‘Sir Gandalf’ had done ‘His’ best to hang on until ‘He’ had had ‘His’ final cuddle in MY ARMS and Purr ‘HIS’ gratitude and final “GOODBYES” to ME as best ‘He’ could, and then at 3:00 p.m., ‘He’ willingly just let GOSUCH was dear ‘Sir Gandalfs’ INTENSE LOVE for ‘His’ Mum and all ‘He’ LOVED and PROTECTED here at this ‘CHRISTESSENE GLASTONBURY NASSERITE SANCTUARY’, that ‘He’ gave ‘His’ Own PRECIOUS LIFE in ‘His SERVICE and DUTY to GOD’!

No greater gift can a Man Givethan that ‘He GIFT His’ OWN LIFE 

for ‘His’ Friends.”


The Gospel According to The Apostle JOHN 15:13.]

Sister Hannah and I gathered ‘Him’ up and took ‘Him’ back out to MY Car. I anointed ‘His’ Head with Rose Absolute Essential Oil in a Sacred Medicine Wheel symbol, DrBach Flower Remedy, and NativeAmerican Sacred White Sage Oil onto ‘His’ still now lying Life-less Body, to remove any Vibrational Trauma still remaining within ‘His LOWER SELF BODY’ from ‘His’ illness during ‘His’ final transition between Worlds, and to prevent any dis-incarnate entities from jumping into ‘It’ also; and proceeded to drive ‘Him’ slowly Home to Glastonbury, One last final Time. When WE had First gone to collect ‘Him’ from MY Own local Vets that Morning, the Weather had been very dull and overcast, but when WE came out of Langford Vets, the Sky was Blue, the Sun was Warm and Shining brightly, and all the Birds were Singing in a vast Chorus, as if in a salute to MY beautiful ‘RAINBOW WARRIOR’! In just over 3 short Hours, WE had turned from mid-Winter into radiant and Joyous Spring!

Having spent a Minute or Two to recompose MYSELF Emotionally back together before pulling away, ‘LORD YAHWEHTHE LORD CHRIST’ came to ME and Said:

“‘Gandalf’ stopped FIGHTING and went of ‘His’ OWN ACCORD! ‘He’ KNEWYou were WITH and that is ALLthat MATTERED to ‘ME’!”

~ ‘Sir Gandalf’ had Said to ‘HIM’, before ‘He’ began ‘His’ final ‘ASCENSION’ back up into the ‘HEAVENLY REALMS’.

While driving ‘Him’ Home back to Sacred Glastonbury and ‘His’ much-Loved Sanctuary of Eternal Rest now, several unusual and profound things happened on the way. Firstly, I ‘CLAIRVOYANTLY SAW LORD YESHUA’ crying over the News of ‘His’ Passing over.

“‘LORD YESHUA’ is cryingfor ‘HE’ knew this Cat TOO as ‘HIS’ FRIEND! ‘Sir Gandalf’ was badly INJURED in ‘THE SPIRIT WORLD’ when ‘HE’ ARRIVED and will take a Month BEFORE ‘HE’ comes BACK.”

If Animals and Humans are injured badly enough during Their Lives, those Injuries can leave ‘AURIC SCARRING’ remains within the ‘SPIRIT BODY of LIGHT’ and will need ‘SPIRITUAL HEALING’ Treatments for often many Days, Weeks, or Months, once ‘They’ First arrive back up into the ‘SPIRIT WORLD’ to HEAL this, following on from ‘Their’ Passing Over.

THE MESSIANIC MASTER and SON of GOD’ had Told ME when ‘Mohawk’ was roughly a 3-Month-old Kitten, that ‘He’ was very special to ‘HIM’! It seemed that OUR ‘RABBOUNI YESHUA Ha MASSIACH’ had met the Future young ‘Gandalf’ on the Road One Day during ‘HIS’ Ministry work 2,000-Years ago in the Holy Land, Starving and Homeless, and tended to ‘HIS’ needs. ‘HE GAVE’ ‘Him’ a Healing and then put ‘Him’ inside of ‘HIS WHITE ROBE’, and carried ‘Him’ on to the next Village to find ‘Him’ some Food and Water to Drink, and hopefully a new Home. Having Written this last sentence, I was led by ‘SPIRIT’ to go and pick up MY copy of The Gospel of The Holy Twelve, that was Written by ‘StJOHN THE APOSTLE’ 2-Millennia ago, about 70 A.D., and then hidden in a Monastery in Tibet for safekeeping, until It was found during the 1870s. Whether this Nasserite Chapter I’ve quoted here refers to the very same event I’m not sure, I have not been Told by ‘CHRIST’ One way or the other, but I was led to pick this Essene Holy Gospel up to find this quote, and so I am assuming “Yes!” I simply don’t remember at this Time!

And as JESUS’ entered into a certain Village HE SAW a young Cat which had none to Care for Her’, and She was hungry and cried unto HIM’, and HE took Her up, and put Her’ inside HIS GARMENT’, and ‘She’ lay in ‘HIS BOSOM’. And when ‘HE’ came into the Village, ‘HE’ set Food and Drink before the Cat, and ‘She’ ate and drankand showed thanks unto ‘HIM’. And ‘HE GAVE Her’ unto One of ‘HIS DISCIPLES’, who was a Widowwhose name was Lorenzaand ‘She’ took Care of ‘Her’.

And some of the People Said, “This Man Careth for all Creaturesare ‘They HIS’ Brothers and Sisters that ‘HE’ should Love ‘Them’? And ‘HE’ Said unto ‘Them’:

Verily ‘These’ are Your fellow Creatures of the great ‘Household of GOD’, yea, ‘They’ are Your Brethren and Sisters, having the same Breath of Life in THE ETERNAL’. And whosoever Careth for One of the least of ‘These’, and giveth It to Eat and Drink in ‘Its’ needthe same doeth it unto ‘ME’, and whoso willingly suffereth One of ‘These’ to be in want, and defendeth It not when evilly entreated, suffereth the evil as done unto ‘ME’, for as Ye have done in this Lifeso shall it be done unto You in the Life to come!”

[The Gospel of The Holy TwelveChapter 34. ‘Love of JESUS for all Creatures’.]

At 3:15 p.m., 2 small Rainbows of Light suddenly appeared from nowhere just as I entered the small Village of Wedmore, One after the other shining down on ‘His Forehead’, where ‘He’ had once borne ‘His’ Mohawk Ginger Coloured stripe of Fur as a new born Kitten. The Car was moving when this appeared to Sister Hannah and I don’t keep any of MY Healing Crystals that I use on occasion loose in the Vehicle, in case that They get broken! WE both Looked all around and there was absolutely nothing to be Seen, that could have produced that beautiful Colourful Rainbow effect upon ‘Gandalfs Brow’, except ‘CHRIST’!

Then at 3:25 p.m., MY former Life Nimíipuu NativeAmerican Band noble Father, ‘PEACE CHIEF HINMATÓOWYALAHTQIT’, or ‘YOUNG CHIEF JOSEPH’ appeared before ME ‘CLAIRVOYANTLY’. ‘HE’ Said to ME very affectionately:




As all Ordained Ministers and ‘Spiritually Trained Medicine People’ should know and generally dont from MY experience in Britain, the Second responsibility that You have to any dying Person or Living Creature upon this Earth, is make sure that that dying Person’s ‘DIVINE SOUL’ placed into YOUR LOVING CARE, actually ARRIVES at ‘Its’ pre-determined DESTINATION POINT! I had noticed, that just before ‘Sir Gandalf’ surrendered ‘His’ normally STRONG and HAPPY ‘SPIRIT’ into the safe and protective ‘ARMS of CHRISTS ANGEL of DEATH’, that ‘He’ had shown a little resistance, and some concerns about how ‘His’ Mum was going to cope without ‘Him’! ‘He’ always was a Wise, very old ‘SOUL’, far older than ‘His’ Earthly Years spent in this World portrayed; and ‘He’ was right! Nor did I! Sensing that this was happening, I had Said a little Prayer for ‘Sir Gandalf’ to make a FULL and SAFE TRANSITION BACK BETWEEN THE WORLDS’ before I had actually LEFT the University Veterinary Hospital Campus near Bristol, to make sure that ‘He’ DID actually ARRIVE there, with this very Gentle, Kindly, Loving and Compassionate ‘CHRIST ANGEL of PURE LOVE’ to support ‘Him’ during ‘His’ transition Time between Worlds Peacefully. Sister Hannah and I had Lovingly and Softly Sung ‘Sir Gandalf’ some NativeAmerican and English ‘SPIRIT MEDICINE’ SONGS to ‘Him’ during ‘His’ final Car journey Home, to support ‘Him’ with this process.

It appeared through MY Tears, that MY Prayer had been ‘DIVINELY HEARD’ and ‘ANGELICALLY ANSWERED’! Unknown to the World still at this Present Time, MY late former Father ‘PEACE CHIEF HINMATÓOWYALAHTQIT’ (d. 1904 A.D.) was no less than the last incarnation of ‘THE GREAT LORD MIKAAL12thSOLAR LORD of THE MORNING STAR of GOD in THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM’, better known as ‘THE GREAT ARCHANGEL MICHAELTHE PROTECTOR of THE HEAVENLY THRONE of CHRIST HIMSELF’, and THE WATCHER of this 12thUNIVERSE’ of which WE all currently call ‘Home’!

At 3: 35 p.m., ‘THE GREAT LORD MIKAAL THE ARCHANGEL’ announced to ME that MY/OUR ever noble

“‘Sir Gandalf’ has ARRIVED at ‘His’ DESTINATION in ‘THE HEAVEN REALMS’!”


At 4: 45 p.m. as I’d just driven into the Somerset Village of Walton, ‘THE LORD CHRIST THE ALMIGHTY GIFTED’ ME a quick ‘CLAIRVOYANT VISION’ of ‘Sir Gandalf’, of how ‘He’ had now become in ‘CHRISTS KINGDOM’ since ‘His’ arrival. I couldn’t believe what I was ‘LOOKING’ at! ‘His’ rapidly become emaciated White Fur, was now ‘LOOKING’ in pristine condition, ‘His’ earlier sickly Looking Beautiful Face, was now lit up like a Christmas Tree in Lights, with a big Cheshire Cat Grin from Ear to Ear upon ‘His much a-traumatised Face, and ‘He’ was wearing a mid-Golden Coloured, zigzag designed pointed upon the top of It Crown, placed upon ‘His Sweet Courageous Head’! I knew I was getting increasingly upset as the Penny was beginning to sink in, that I would never be able to cuddle ‘Gandalf’ MY dear dear friend again ever in this World, but I also knew that I wasnt hallucinating that ‘HOLY VISION of His Face’ either! ‘IT’ was definitely most REAL, but why on Earth would ‘CHRIST’ show ME a ‘HEAVENLY VISION’ of a Cat wearing a ROYAL CROWN of all things? As I was pondering this conundrum, back came a ‘HEAVENLY VOICE’ into MY Head to SAY:

“‘He’ is MORE SPECIAL than YOU KNOW! ‘He’ is a SAINT amongst CATS! ‘He’ achieved far MOREthan You KNEWand ‘GANDALF’ knows LOVEfor WHAT ‘He’ DOESHERE ever 

ONWARDfor EVERfor ‘HIS’ LOVEto HERAnd ‘I’ have in ‘MY CLUTCH!’ ~ ‘LORD YAHWEH BELOVED!’ YOUR Heart went to ‘HIM’ MUCHin TIMES of STRESSand ‘He’ BLED for HER at BITSin ‘His’ own way of Tears of a Cat, UNKNOWN to HER. ‘I’ have in ‘MY GUARD and HE will ever STAND in MY SAINTHOOD.

More than a Crown of GLORY in ‘HIS FUR’!

No ‘ANGELS’ to Walk with ‘GANDALF’! ‘HE’ Walks with ‘THE CHRIST’!!! ‘OUR FATHERSENSED’, how much YOU LOVED! ‘He’ has a Funeral Ceremonylike no other CAT in ‘MY LIFE’! ‘LORD YAHWEH BELOVED’. ‘HE’ and YOU are ONE, in FRONT of ‘THE HOLY SPIRIT’, and ‘HE’ will ever Walk beside with Sweet ‘Mullein’ on YOUR LEFT, ‘Sir Sage’ at the BACK, and Peacekeeper ‘GOLDIE’ at the FRONT, in a Pride of CATS to HER ever ONWARDYOU and ‘WE’ are ONE! and AMEN to HER! YOUR Cats will be ‘SEEN’ by all People ever AFTER!”

Little Princess Miss MulleinSir Sage’, ‘Her’ Brother, and ‘Goldie Best Puss’ were all very highly ‘SPIRITUALLY GIFTED’ Cats that I have had the great pleasure to call MY friends back in the Past as much Loved and treasured Pets.

Come 8 O’clock, I was made ‘AWARE’ of a ‘WINDOW’ being ‘OPENED UP CLAIRVOYANTLY’ in ‘THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM’. Then I was made ‘AWARE of GOOD CHRIST LORD YAHWEH LOOKING’ through ‘IT’ and sat beside ‘HIM’, with ‘HIS’ assistance, was MY gallant, 4-Footed, pure White-Hearted, pure White-Furred noble Knight ‘Saint Gandalf, LOOKING’ down at ME here in the Peace Sanctuary through ‘IT’ with ‘HIM’ too! ‘LORD YAHWEH’ Said to ME:

“‘Sir Gandalf’ is with ‘WATCHING’ HER, ‘LOOKING’ DOWN!”

MY very courageous become and adored Guru White Tom Cat, had ‘GIVEN His LIFE’, in order to PROTECT ‘His’ Own ESSENE PEACE SANCTUARY HOME for ‘CHRIST’, that ‘HE had TRULY grown to LOVE and TREASURE as ‘HIS’ SAFE HOUSE during ‘His’ sadly cut short Life, and all of ‘His’ friends in ‘His’ CARE that frequented this Glastonbury Centre. As ‘LORD YESHUA’ Taught:

Greater Love hath no Man than thisthat a Man lay down ‘His’ Life for ‘His’ friends.”

[‘LORD YESHUA’. The Holy Bible. (K.J.V.)

The Gospel According to The Apostle JOHN 1513.]

and ‘Saint Gandalf’ sadly did, paying the ultimate price, defending the Sanctuary from this much larger than ‘Him’ stray Feral Cat, that had invited Himself in through the Kitchen Cat Flap last Tuesday Night!

At 11:45 p.m., the Telephone rang, and it was MY friend Michelle up in Warwickshire, another ‘SPIRITUAL MEDIUM’ member of Our lovely NazareneEssene International Community Centred here in ‘AVALON’. She had just been ‘GIVEN a HEAVENLY VISION of Saint Gandalf’, running, holding ‘Himself’ very upright, with ‘His Head’ very proudly held up high! ‘He’ was still wearing ‘His’ new ‘Golden Crown’ that ‘THE ALMIGHTY LORD CHRIST YAHWEH BELOVED’ had just presented to ‘Him’ upon ‘His’ arrival, back up into the ‘CHRIST PLANES’ of INFINITE LOVELIFE and ALL BEAUTY but a few Hours earlier, and baring a big Smile on ‘His Sweet Face’. As MY EYES rapidly began to fill up with TEARS yet again, I knew in that moment, that I really HAD ‘SEEN’ that ‘CHRIST VISION’ of OUR very precious ‘Sir Gandalf’ earlier this Afternoon, wearing ‘His’ ‘CHRISTGIFTED GOLDEN HEAVENLY CROWN’, in ALL DIVINE TRUTH’, no matter how bizarre ‘IT’ First appeared that ‘VISION’ to ME when I First ‘LOOKED’! I knew in that moment, that ‘IT’ was most definitely not induced by MY OWN personal distress, at what had just taken place at the Veterinary Hospital near Bristol through ‘Sir Gandalfs’ naturally chosen course of ‘Passing’!

One thing ‘Saint Gandalf’ Loved to do, on most dry, Hot Sunny Days, was to stretch out full length on the Stone Patio out in the Garden and do ‘His’ Happy Rolls! That thick White Fur Coat, that ‘LORD YESHUA’ had presented to ‘Him’ with 2-Millennia ago or not, be ‘He’ ever rolling in Soil, Sand, small Stones or Rain Puddles, ‘Saint Gandalf’ always kept ‘His’ Essene White Robes IMMACULATE! Just as ‘LORD YESHUA Ha MASSIACH and HIS DISCIPLES’ used to go and perform ‘THEIR’ Tevilah Purification Ritual religiously every Morning without fail and Wash out thoroughly ‘THEIR’ Dust covered White Robes Daily (both Vibrationally and Physically) to keep Them clean, as ‘HIS TRUE DISCIPLES’, so ever did little ‘Saint Gandalf’!

Due to the sudden occurrence of ‘Sir Gandalfs’ nasty injuries and subsequent death, ‘He’ hadn’t been prepared by ‘SPIRIT VIBRATIONALLY’ to be buried once Sister Hannah and I arrived back at the Sanctuary. ‘His HIGHERSELF BODY’ had been released, but ‘His LOWERSELF BODY’ was very much still Present! As a result, OUR little brave and gallant White Knight has not been buried as yet, to allow for this essential SPIRITUAL PROCESS’ to be COMPLETED by ‘CHRISTS ANGELS’, in order to prevent any further Trauma from being inflicted upon ‘Himself’ by OURSELVES inadvertently whilst now convalescing up in the ‘CHRIST PLANES of LOVE and LIFE ETERNAL’.

One of ‘THE 3 MESSIAHS of GOD’ confided with ME later on, that:

“‘Sir Gandalfs FACE’ Smelt so SWEET when ‘He’ arrived BACK in ‘THE SPIRIT’! That CAThas never been DRESSED so FINE in ‘THE SPIRIT’, BECAUSE of ‘HOLY JESUS’!

I AM’.”


LORD MIKAAL’ (‘StMICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL’) appeared then to ME and Said:

YOUR HEART will be WITH that CATfor all TIME! ‘LORD MIKAAL’! ‘LORD YESHUA’ has ‘GIVEN Gandalf’ a Saints GOLDEN HALO’!”,

and ‘He’ TRULY DESERVED ‘IT’! ‘He’ was ALWAYS, a very KindCaringDeeplyLoving and Protective Beautiful SOUL’, to ALL that ‘He’ METonce ‘Hed’ performed ‘His’ usual ‘SPIRITUAL HEALTH and SAFETY’ check on Them for the safety of all residing in the House, during ‘His’ very sadly cut short Life. ‘Saint Gandalf of CHRIST’, will be very sadly missed by all that knew and adored Him’, MYSELF included!

I’d like to Say a big, “Thank You”, to Rachel, Phoebe and Jorge the Veterinary Surgeons, Ruth and all of the I.C.U Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Receptionists, that all acted so professionally and compassionately to OUR everprecious and trulyadored, little 4-Pawed, White-Coated and White-Whiskered, Pure White-Hearted, courageously brave ‘SPIRITUAL WARRIOR of CHRISTS RAINBOW’.

Sister Hannah and I laid the dear Physical Body of ‘Saint Gandalf’ out in a large Cardboard Box wrapped up in a Warm Blanket, with Sacred Traditional Medicine Funeral Herbs, to protect ‘His’ frail by now much Loved little Physical Body from any negative, disincarnate ‘Entities’ from ‘jumping in’, and placed a Deep-Purple Coloured Amethyst Crystal inside the Box by ‘His Sweet Heart’, to remove as much Emotional Trauma away from ‘His SPIRIT BODY’ as was possible as well.

Sweetgrass was burnt over ‘Him’ and placed around ‘Him’ and then I was requested by ‘SPIRIT’ to place some HOLY THORN TREE FLOWERS in full bloom currently with ‘PERMISSION’ around ‘His Sweet Head’, which was done without question. After all, ‘He’ was ‘LORD YESHUAS’ Cat for a while! Why would YOU NOT?

Normally after this amount of Time following a Persons or Animals death, the Physical Body starts to Smell quite high! Not OUR ‘Saint Gandalf’ 4-Days on! ‘His’ little Body Smells unusually as Sweet as the Day that ‘He’ First passed over, but then ‘HE’ was OUR noble ‘Sir Gandalf’ wasn’t ‘He’, and ‘He’ wouldn’t Dream of doing anything less would ‘He’? ‘He’ would wish for nothing, but to leave a Sweet Memory of Himself with US ALL that LOVED HIM’, and that ‘He’ ALWAYS, EVERLOVED BACK, in FULL MEASURE.

With ‘CHRISTS PERMISSION’, WE are aiming to honourably bury ‘His’ precious Bodily remains respectfully Tomorrow. ‘Saint Gandalf’ certainly earned ‘His’ Feathers in ‘DIVINE SERVICE to LOVE’, this Life around!







V. The Task of The Warriors of Rainbow

We have seen the golden thread of the prophecies that foretell the day of the awakening of the Indian peoples and the formation of a New World of justice and peace, of freedom and God. We have seen how the Warriors of the Rainbow (the new teachers) are prophesied to come and spread this great Message all over earth. But how are the Indians going to help these prophecies come true?

For long years the Indian peoples have been sleeping, physically conquered by the white the people. For all this time they have been taught to believe that the white men were superior to them, they must learn to live in and become a part of this white civilization, as it exists, even if a lowly part. It will not be easy to awaken them from their sleep. It can be done if we realise that the Indians are sleeping giants, that within each of them are marvellous powers of the spirit that need only be started into action to create miracles of work done for the good of all and deeds of shining heroism.

The world is sick today because it has turned away from The Great Spirit. When men turn once more the Ancient Being with love and world understanding, the earth will become beautiful again. Indians can help mankind to return to the Wise One Above by obeying the following principles.


Like the great Indians of old, they will teach unity, love and understanding among all people. They will listen no more to the little people who say they along have the truth, but shall see that He Who Listens to All is too big for little things, too full of justice to accept but one self-chosen people, too free to be caged by any mind. They will listen instead to those who teach harmony between all men, even as the wind blows without favouritism into all the corners of the world.

Like the pure Indian of Old, they will pray to the Spirit with a love that flows through every world even as the breeze sings its song to the Silent One among the needles of the pines. In solitude and in council their hearts will lift with joy, free of the quarrels and petty jealousies brought by men, free to love all mankind as brothers. As the Great Spirit loves a smile and happiness, they shall sing of the coming glorious union of men.

Like the glorious Indians of the past, by their joy, by their laughter, their love and their understanding, they shall change all men whom they meet. Like the gushing torrent of a river that wears away the hardest rocks, they shall wear away the hardest hearts with love, until the whole world begins to bloom with the new growth of man.

Like the radiant Indians of old who strengthened their muscles by hard exercise and then nourished their souls by fasting and prayer, so shall they make themselves heroes of the new age, conquering every difficulty with the strength of their bodies, the fire of their love and the purity of their hearts. Filling their mouths only with pure foods and liquids and seeking the beauty of the Master of Life in every thought, they shall scorn harmful drinking and unclean habits that destroy and weaken men. They shall run to the hilltops to pray and fast and into the solitudes of the forest and desert to find strength.

Like the Indians of old who let their children run free in the prairies, the woods and the mountains to help them grow into men and women worthy of their Creator, so the Warriors of the Rainbow today shall work to bring to all children the magic blessing of the wild, the delight of bare feet running through green grass over the hills, and the cool touch of the wind in their hair. The spiritual civilization that is coming will create beauty by its very breath, turning the waters of rivers clear, building forests and parks where there are now deserts and slums, and bringing back the flowers to the hillsides. What a glorious fight to change the world to beauty!

Like the Indians of old who loved, understood and knew the powers of animals and plants, who killed or took no more than they needed for food or clothing, so the Indians of today will brighten the understanding of the ignorant destroyers. They will soften the hearts of would-be killers so the animals will once more replenish the earth, and the trees shall once more rise to hold the precious soil. In that day all peoples shall be able to walk in wilderness flowing with life, and the children will see about them the young fawns, the antelope and the wildlife as of old. Conservation of all that is beautiful and good is a cry woven into the very hearts of the new age.

Like the Indians of old who gave work to all and kept care of the poor, the sick and the weak, so the Warriors of the Rainbow shall work to build a new world in which everyone who can work shall work and work with joy and with praise of the Great Spirit. None shall starve or be hurt due to the coldness and forgetfulness of men. No child shall be without love and protection and no old person without help and good companionship in his declining years.

Like the joyful Indians of old, the new Indians shall bring back to their own people and spread to other races the joy of good-fellowship and kindness and courtesy that made the life of the old Indian villages such a happy time for all. How they danced together! How they ate together in loving harmony! How they prayed together and sang together in joy! It shall come again and better in the new world.

Wise Indians do not speak without reason, and they shame a boaster by their silence; so today the Indians shall teach all people to make their deeds count bigger than their words. Deeds of love and kindness and understanding shall change the world.

Even as the wise chiefs are chosen, not by political parties, not by loud talks and boasting, not by calling other men names, but by demonstrating always their quiet love and wisdom in council and their courage in making decisions and working for the good of all. So shall the Warriors of the Rainbow teach that in the governments of the future men will be chosen out of the ranks by quality alone and then will counsel together in freedom of thought and conscience. In counsel they shall seek truth and harmony with hearts full of wisdom and prefer their brothers to themselves.

Among the Indians of old, children and youth respected the elders and were taught love and unity, strength of character, love of the Great Chief in the Sky and good deeds from babyhood. Today young people, who should be the hope of mankind, have wandered far from this strength of soul in their pursuit of pleasure and “success”. The Warriors of the Rainbow will bring back this lost spirit before it is too late and the youth shall once more do great deeds of selflessness and heroism. The glory and the purity of their lives shall light the world.

The thoughtful and devoted Indians of old understood their people with love; the parents of old educated their children with love; all new Indians will associate with other religions and peoples with love. One minute of such love and understanding brings wealth from the Great Spirit and creates miracles of accomplishment. It is love then with understanding that the Warriors of the Rainbow will mix in their medicine to heal the world of its ills, leavened with pure hearts and humble minds.

These who do not understand think that when their Messiah comes, He will do their work for them. But always, when a great Prophet comes to the world to change the hearts of men, he calls for heroes and those who work with happiness and dedication. Great are the tasks ahead, terrifying are the mountains of ignorance and hate and prejudice, but the Warriors of the Rainbow shall rise on the wings of the eagle to surmount all difficulties. They will be happy to find that there are now millions of people all over the earth ready and eager to rise and join them in conquering all barriers that bar the way to a new and glorious world! We have had enough now of talk. Let there be deeds.

“The morning stars sang together,

and all the sons of God shouted for joy.”

Job 38:7

(Taken from Warriors of the Rainbow, William Willoya and Vinson Brown, Copyright 1962 by Naturegraph Publishers, Eleventh Printing 1988).

We need not let go of the people we love, when the time comes for them to depart. If we know the sweet secret of giving each one a new lifetime to live in the heart. ❤️

Peace be with you all, from ‘KAPKAP PONMI