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3rd Edition of THE NAZAREAN ESSENE E-MAGAZINE, Spring 2023.




Radiance Spring

~ Monday, 3rd. April, 2023

Welcome once again, to all of Our lovely Shining, Lovingly Warm, Community Members so warmly embraced by ‘CHRIST‘, within this ever-growing NazareanEssene international internet Community. This last quarter has been One of those that was truly full on, from start to finish!

It started Three Weeks before Christmas and endured constantly 24/7 until just before Christmas Day, with the long ‘FORETOLD BATTLE of ARMEGEDDON‘ being fought to the death, between ‘THE ARMIES of CHRIST in HEAVEN‘ and the ‘ANTICHRIST FORCES of HELL‘.

And ‘HE‘ shall gather Them to the place calledin Hebrew, ‘Megiddo‘.”

[The Revelation of YESHUA 1616.]

Then ‘I SAW the BEAST‘ and the Kings of the Earth with Their Armies assembled to wage war against the ‘ONE‘ seated on the Horseand against ‘HIS ARMY‘.”

[The Revelation of YESHUA 1919.]

This was fought not only in Our Material World of Earth, but within all of the ‘TWELVE GREAT UNIVERSES of GOD‘, all of the ‘TWELVE GREAT SOLAR PLANES of GOD‘, but also ‘INTERDIMENSIONALLY UNIVERSALLY‘ as well! From many of You that I have Spoken to during that dramatic and very exhausting Time, many of You were drafted in to assist Our ‘BELOVÉD LORD‘ by the ‘HEAVEN REALMS‘, the more ‘SPIRITUALLY‘ able, prior to this ultimate BATTLE of ALL BATTLES for UNIVERSAL LIFES EXISTENCE to CONTINUE ON!


“‘These‘ will make war with ‘THE LAMB‘ and ‘THE LAMB‘ will conquer ‘Them‘, because ‘HE‘ is ‘THE LORD of POWER‘ and ‘THE KING of KINGS‘, and because ‘HIS‘ People are calledChosen and Faithful.”

[The Revelation of YESHUA 1714.]

Then as the Two MASSIVE ARMIES of BEINGS took ‘THEIR‘ places behind ‘THEIR‘ leaders, upon this huge Battlefield without end, to fight for the death for ‘THEIR‘ very different causes in this great Battle, only One winner, would ultimately be left Standing! The ultimate outcome of this fight for Our Future, would result in the ‘SPIRITUAL DEATH of THE UNIVERSAL LORD CHRIST of LIGHTLIGHT and LOVE‘, and all of ‘THE LORD CHRISTS UNIVERSAL REALMS of CHRISTENDOM‘ EVERYWHERE (including US OURSELVES ETERNALLY and OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET), or the ultimate ETERNAL ‘SPIRITUAL DEATH of the anti-‘CHRIST LORD SAMANAH‘ and ‘HIS BLACK WARLORDS of SATANISMTOTAL DESTRUCTION and UNIVERSAL DEATH‘.

At that moment, I was taken up into the ‘SPIRIT by CHRIST‘ to ‘WITNESS‘ this unbelievable scene ‘CLAIRVOYANTLY‘ in a ‘DIVINE VISION‘. I found MYSELF floating, about 200-Feet up in the Air, in the midst of BOTH FORCES. The ‘VISION‘ that met MY EYES, was far worse than what the Film Producer re-enacted in the final Battle scene in His Film ‘The Lord of the Rings‘ trilogy! To MY right, was enshrouded in Blackvery heavyvery dense and oppressive Looking Thunderclouds over MY HEAD, and was spread out ‘LORD SAMANAHS Demonic‘ MASSIVE ARMY of SATANIC DEATH FORCES‘, that stretched out farther than MY Sight could SEE beyond the Horizon. It truly was, a VILE ‘VISION‘ to BEHOLD! All I could Feel, was ‘Their‘ PSYCHOTIC INTENSE HATRED of LOVE and LIFE DIVINEand the INFINITE BEAUTY and JOY‘ that that represented to the ‘SPIRITUALLY LOVINGRIGHTEOUS and CONSCIOUSLY OPEN and AWARE TRUE of GRACE in CHRIST! ‘They‘ were all riding Black Stallions by the Millions, in rows, lined up behind ‘Their‘ ultimate Black Warlord Battle leader for this unprecedented fight in the History of All Existence! What surprised ME, was the fact that ‘They‘ were all dressed in like Black Medieval Sheet Armour and Black Chain Mail, as worn by gallant Knights of olde, but ‘Their‘ Facial features were most DEFINITELY NOT! ‘They‘ made ‘J.R.RTolkiens‘ Film version of ‘The Battle of Morannon‘ Forces (or ‘The Battle of the Black Gate‘) look like sweet little Pussy Cats, so representative of the ‘DARK FORCES‘ of the Dark ‘Lord Sauron‘ from Mordor, with Its allies, the ‘Haradrim‘ and the ‘Easterlings‘! ‘They‘ were all astride ‘Their‘ Horses, ready to advance at the moment that ‘They‘ were given the signal or command to advance, to begin the fight for ALL!

To MY left, was a ARMY just as MASSIVE, all clad in ‘THEIR PURE WHITE ESSENE HEAVENLY LINEN ROBES of LIGHT Looking DAZZLINGLY MAGNIFICENT! All of ‘THEM‘ were patiently riding astride ‘THEIR‘ Pure White what Looked like thoroughbred Stallion Horses, again all wearing more Sci-Fi styled Silver Armour and Silver Chain Mail for protection this Time, from what ‘THEY‘ were very threateningly being intimidated with by the opposite foul Looking FORCE. Then through a small aperture in the very centre of the Shining Throng, GALLOPING at FULL SPEED, rode the most MAGNIFICENT PURE WHITE HUGE LOOKING THOROUGHBRED STUNNING STALLION I have ever SEEN in MY LIFE and probably ever WILL! It was STUNNING, like the ‘He-Man’, or the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the Horse World; like a cross between the Worlds heaviest weightlifting Champion, with huge, incredibly powerful Muscles bursting out of His Skin and a Male Olympic Race Sprinter on Four Legs!

As The Revelation of ‘YESHUA‘ continued, in Chapter 191116:

And I SAW HEAVEN‘ opened and beholdWHITE HORSE‘, and ‘HE‘ who sat upon ‘IT‘ is called Trustworthy and Trueand in Righteousness ‘HE‘ Judges and ‘HE‘ makes warAnd ‘HIS EYES‘ were like Flames of Fireand many Diadems were upon ‘HIS HEAD‘, and ‘HE‘ had ‘THE NAME‘ Writtenwhich no One knew but ‘HE‘ aloneAnd ‘HE‘ wore a Garment soaked with Bloodand ‘HIS NAMEis called, “THE WORD of GOD.” And the ‘ARMY of HEAVEN‘ were joined to ‘HIM‘ on White Horses and were wearing Linen White and PureAnd sharp Swords came out of THEIR MOUTHS‘ by which ‘THEY‘ will kill the Nationsand ‘HE‘ will Shepherd ‘THEM‘ with a Rod of Iron and ‘HE‘ treads the Winepress of the ‘WRATH of ALMIGHTY GOD‘. And ‘HE‘ has on ‘HIS GARMENT over HIS THIGH‘ the name Written: “THE KING of KINGS and THE LORD of POWER!”

Then as suddenly as the ‘HEAVENLY VISION‘ began, I was cast down back into MY current everyday Earthly Life again, here in HOLY GLASTONBURY on the ‘SACRED ISLE of AVALON DIVINE‘. This former ‘StKATARINA of ALEXANDRIAStCHIARA of ASSISIStJEHANNE dARCand KAPKAP PONMI‘ amongst others, was sent as ‘HIS DIVINE WITNESS for CHRIST‘, of this monumentally historic event about to take place, from amongst One of the greatest and most ever proclaimed ‘HEAVENLY PROPHESIES EVER GIVEN by OUR LORD YESHUA, THE MESSIANIC SON of GOD LORD JEHOVAHAURORA DIVINE‘ during ‘HIS‘ last incarnation, in the history of all Creation. As ‘LORD YAHWEHS and LORD JEHOVAHS‘ elected ‘LORD MAITREYAWORLD TEACHER and MESSENGER of CHRIST‘, I was sent to now ‘DELIVER‘ that ‘DIVINE MESSAGE‘ to all Beings of this World, to ANNOUNCE ‘ITS‘ VICTORY and SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION for CHRIST OUR LORD in HIS HOLY NAME of LOVE SUPERNALALL PRAISE and GLORY BE unto GOD OUR GREAT KING EVERMOREAMENAMENAMEN!

Shortly after this final Battle, the ‘DOOR of HEAVEN‘ closed for the final Time. Everyone whose name had been Written into ‘GODS BOOK of LIFE‘ at ‘GODS‘ chosen ‘JUDGEMENT DAY‘ [24th. July, 2010] had been ‘GATHERED IN‘ and ‘RAISED UP‘ into this newly ‘GOD created NEW DIMENSION‘ ~ now named ‘THE NEW JERUSALEM‘ ~ and the last few stragglers that had been  eligible to enter and couldn’t go due to ‘AURIC SCARRING‘ trapped within Their Bodies, from violent Trauma received to Them still held within Their ‘SPIRITS‘, had been Healed and helped across the great divide now energetically by ‘CHRISTS ANGELS‘. As ‘LORD YESHUA‘ truly continued to ‘FORETELL‘ as recorded in The Revelation of YESHUA‘ 1789:

The Beast which You Sawexisted and is notand is about to come up from the Seaand is going to destructionAnd the inhabitants on Earth will marvelwhose names are not written in THE BOOK of LIFE from the foundation of the Worldwhen They See The Beast which wasand is notand is approachingHere is the meaning for One having Wisdom:…”

Our World is never now going to be the same! All has shifted!

Following this World changing event, Those ‘SPIRITUAL‘ Loving People of Us, that had been ‘CHOSEN by CHRIST‘ and ‘RISEN‘ forth into ‘THE NEW JERUSALEM‘, experienced being put through 3-4 separate ‘HEAVENLY ASCENSION‘ phases in early January 2023. Each One could last 1-2 Weeks and left several of Our members Physically Exhausted and Feeling very heavy in the Body, as if Your Legs were made of set Cement and You had to really drag Yourselves around the Floor. Several of You contacted ME about this, and ‘LORD YESHUA‘ reassured Us that everything was fine and just to allow this ‘HEAVENLY PROCESS‘ to complete itself to Its conclusion, which I think most of Us Felt a big Sigh of relief to when It DID!

WE celebrated ‘LORD YESHUAS‘ true Earthly birthday in Bethlehem 2,000-Years ago here at The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary on the 12th. March as always, when ‘HE‘ was born to ‘The Virgin MARYAM‘, the later Second Wife of ‘JOSEPH THE CARPENTER‘ 30-Years prior to beginning ‘HIS‘ World changing Rabbinic NazareanEssene Ministry Tour around what is now known as the Holy Land. Then again WE celebrate on the 6th. April, 949-Million Years ago) ‘HIS DIVINE SOUL BIRTH‘ to ‘HIS CHRISTED PARENTS GOOD KING JEHOVAH and QUEEN AURORA BELOVED‘.

Happy Birthday LORD YESHUA!”

I have enclosed MY favourite Vegan Chocolate Cake recipe for You to make ‘HIM‘ a symbolic celebratory Birthday Cake this Year if any of You so wish to do so! ‘HE‘ does LOVE it when WE REMEMBER ‘HIM‘ like this and brings ‘HIM‘ great happiness. WE don’t celebrate the Roman Catholic elected pagan festival of the 25th. December as NazareanEssenes the same as the rest of the World. WE celebrate it literally on ‘LORD YESHUAS‘ TRUE BIRTHDAYS with ALL BEINGS that adore ‘HIM‘ UNIVERSALLY!

Some of Our members that are acquainted with some of the NativeAmerican famous Essene ‘PROPHECIES‘, will have heard of ‘NICHOLAS BLACK ELKS‘ famous ‘VISION’ of 1872 when aged 9-Years old. ‘The Blue Man‘ that ‘HE VISIONED‘ in ‘IT‘ was SLAIN finally on the 1st. April, 2023. Great news to this whole World; and then it is with great Joy to the World, that I can finally also announce that the polar opposite of ‘LORD CHRIST YAHWEHS TREE of LIFE in HEAVEN‘, the anti-‘CHRIST TREE of DEATH in HELL‘, was cut down and utterly removed from Universal existence finally at Noontime on the 5th. April, 2023. What a Birthday Present this Year to be presented before ‘LORD JESIAS‘, ‘THE MASTER YESHUA‘! I always love to receive positive happy news like this, in a World that seems to only pump out depressing doom and gloom! The LIGHT just got BRIGHTER CONSIDERABLYYAY!

It is with great JOY, that I am now permitted to announce to this World’s Nations, the inauguration, on the 4th. April, A.D. 2023 Earth Time, of a new ‘TENTH SOLAR LORD of THE MORNING STAR UNIVERSAL HIGH COUNCIL of LORD JESIASLORD YESHUA THE MESSIANIC KING‘, that took place yesterday Noon Greenwich Meantime. This has not taken place again, since the ‘THE ALMIGHTY LORD YAHWEHTHE CREATOR of ALL LIFE and WORLDS UNIVERSALLY‘, created EVERYTHING! This great new ‘SOLAR LORD‘ controls ‘THE KRANSHA SOLAR PLANE‘, that controls ‘THE GRINHILAM RAY for CHRIST‘. ‘IT‘ is known ‘SPIRITUALLY‘ as ‘THE CORNFLOWER BLUE RAY of RECORDING, PROPHECY and FORESIGHT‘ and is known as ‘THE RECORDING LORD of GODS BOOK of LIFE‘ ~ incorrectly named on this Planet the Akashic Records. In TRUTH, ‘THEY‘ are known as ‘THE KAHANAIC RECORDS‘. For the First Time in the History of everything, a Lady ‘SOLAR LORD‘ has been elected to this very demanding, and yet very prestigious ‘DIVINE OFFICE of CHRIST LOVE UNIVERSALLY‘! I wish ‘HER‘ every SUCCESS and MANY CONGRATULATIONS upon ‘HER‘ new appointment, as the new ‘TENTH SON under GOD for GOD‘ evermore! This inauguration was performed by ‘THE GREAT LORD YESHUA THE DIVINE MESSIANIC KING of HEAVENStMICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL, and MYSELF ‘MAITREYA DOMINIC‘ before the WHOLE of ‘HEAVEN‘! I cannot Say more, for this type of ‘CHRIST CEREMONY‘, is JUST TOO SACRED to DIVULGE!

BIG “Thank You” goes to Simon, Michelle and Hannah, that clubbed together Their Time after Christmas, and offered to redecorate the Lounge here at The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary for ME. It has been increasingly busy Year by Year with the demands on MY Time internationally since I founded this NazareanEssene Peace Centre, that was One Room, I never managed to get around to decorating since I moved in here 10-Years ago already! Time has literally just FLOWN! It has had a real makeover and now Looks lovely for You all to See, next Time You call in to visit! “Thank You again all Three!”

With very grateful thanks to Haisum in PortlandOregon and Vince ‘Blue Feather‘ and Rev.d Jody ‘White Swan‘ in ClearlakeNorthern California, in the U.S.A., I have received another shipment of MY First Edition Meditation and Prayer Teaching Book, Listening With Light. The Gospel of GOD here at the Peace Sanctuary. I also have ordered another shipment of ‘THE LORD ARHURAS‘ First NazareanEssene historical Teaching Book, ‘KING ARTHURE‘ Speaks Through The Looking GlassPart I. ‘ARA THE GOOD‘, The Peasant Mystic of TintagelCornwall and Glastonburyon The Sacred Isle of ‘AVALON‘ from the Publishers. This very enlightening Book tells the TRUE HISTORY of how ‘LORD ARHURA BELOVEDTHE SEVENTH SOLAR LORD under GOD of THE MORNING STAR of CHRIST‘ incarnated into what ‘HE‘ later named ‘Tintagara in Dumnonia‘ (now called Tintagel in Cornwall, in the U.K.) and founded the First NazareanEssene Stone-Walled and Roofed Cathedral in Europe between 775-724 B.C., and an Ancient Mystery School wherein were trained up the First Ancient Celtic Nasserite Saints, that were sent out all over the World, to prepare for the ‘COMING of CHRIST‘ to the South-West of Britain when ‘LORD YESHUA THE MESSIANIC SON‘ was aged just 12-Years of age, that First visit. I should Say to correct MYSELF, the First Time in a sudo ‘Physically Appearing LIGHT BODY‘. In ‘YANINI‘ (the First Epoch before what People commonly refer to as ‘Atlantis)’, the most ‘SPIRITUALLY‘ evolved Age of Humankind’s Human development ever on this Planet, ‘LORD JESIAS‘, before ‘HE‘ incarnated onto this sunken World by then as ‘THE MASTER YESHUA‘ that WE all know and Love, was the ‘DIVINE HIGH PRIEST of LIGHTLIFE and LOVE‘ centred here in HOLY GLASTONBURY in ‘AVALON‘. Between 8-5 Million Years ago, ‘HE‘ Spearheaded the Universal Essene Teachings of ‘HIS HEAVENLY FATHERMOTHER ~ JEHOVAHAURORA ~ across this whole Planet, and throughout this ‘TWELFTH UNIVERSE of GOD‘ indeed, that is still under the COMMAND of OUR DEAR, PRESTIGIOUS and HIGHLY PRECIOUS LORD MIKAAL‘/ ‘StMICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL of CHRIST‘. In that Time period though, ‘LORD JESIAS and LORD MIKAAL‘ were incarnate solely in ‘THEIR GLORIOUSLY DAZZLING LIGHT BODIES of CHRIST ADORED‘. Anyway, I should have this Second Delivery of Nasserite Teaching Books arrive here by the end of next Week, if any of You are in Town and would like to call in to purchase One.

I will also be getting another print run of OUR ever-popular Nazarene-Essene Holy Communion Prayer Book next Month, when I come back from South Wales. This Glastonbury Essene Centre will be remaining open while I am away for any Visitors to stop and call in to Say, “Hello!”

I have had Two Indian Ladies from Kerala come to stay here for a few Weeks and a lovely Essene friend called Gerrit from Switzerland, to do an intensive Nasserite Teaching few Days with ME, which was great fun for Us both.  He is hoping to now open His own Nazarene Teaching Centre over in beautiful Switzerland in the next few Months and run Workshops and Lecture Days there from It. WE also have a small group in Zurich.

I also want to welcome Pastor Evans in Kenya into Our ever-growing Community and His Church Parishioners that have asked to set up a Daughter Community out in Kenya based on ‘LORD YESHUAS‘ Nasserite ‘DIVINE TRUTH‘ Teachings of the Essene. You are ALL most “WELCOME!” I will be in touch with You all more shortly, as Time allows.

Many of You know and Love Sir Gandalf MY 8-Year-old Guru Cat. He is in need of Your Healing Prayers again at the moment. A very large feral Tom Cat with a bad dose of Mange came through the Cat flap into the Kitchen on Sunday Morning probably Looking for some Food in MY Three’s Bowls left over and came Head-to-Head with Sir Gandalf. Sir Gandalf being the brave ‘MEDIUMISTIC‘ champion guardian of this Peace Sanctuary that He is, took Him on and won the fight with this much bigger Cat in MY Kitchen, but had His Dew Claw bitten right off by It through the experience! As a result, He has lost not only His Dew Claw, but all the Skin and Fur covering that area of His Paw and Wrist, and obviously is suffering a fair bit of Pain understandably. I know some of You are already starting to send out ‘CHRISTS HEALING BALM‘ to Him that I have met and Spoken with since and “Thank You” again for it. It is already starting to make a difference to how He is behaving, and if You know of any other much-Loved Pets that need help, please don’t hesitate to notify US here at the Sanctuary, and They will be added to OUR Animal Healing List straight away.

Peace be with You all!


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in Holy Glastonbury, The Isle of ‘AVALON

Sunday, 26th. March, A.D. 2023 ~ 5:40 p.m.- 7:50 p.m.

“YOU are clearly AWARE, ‘I‘ have great TEACHINGS within ‘ME‘! YOUR Peace is DISRUPT for a TIME! ‘I‘ have engaged all SORTS to HER, and ‘I WATCH‘, what COMES! It’s PEACEFUL ~ and yet it is DISRUPT, and THATS SHAME! YOU and ‘WE‘ are ‘ONE‘, all OVER ‘THE STARS‘, and ‘WE‘ hold much ATTENTION! It COMES ‘MY‘ Sweet, of what YOU were FOREWARNED ~ a FAMINE!”

“Of Food ‘LORD‘?”

“Of TRUTH, and the DEVELOPMENT, of the next stage of MAN! His war, was with HIMSELF ~ and HERSELF as such, and YOU are not a part, as ESSENE! YOU know, ‘THE LAW of GOD‘ and come CONTAINED and REFINED in parts, and others are left ROUGH! YOU have finedtuned YOUR BEING, and OTHERS of YOUR LIKE! YOU stay CLOSE to ‘THE FATHER‘, and WORSHIP at ‘HE‘ ~ as ‘MYSELF‘ ~ and ‘MY‘ PERMISSION is GIFTED, to DO THIS of ‘MYSELF‘, as such, in HER name, and the REST of HER ORDERof ‘THE MAGDALENE‘, and HER ‘YESHUA‘, of Grace and DELIGHT to ‘MYSELF‘, and the WISE of ‘HIM‘, ‘MY‘ KEY to LIFE and LOVE.

YOU and ‘WE‘, are subORDINATE to the REST! ‘WE‘ DO, what most People don’t ‘THINK‘ of, like PRAYSUCH a simple ‘SOUL‘ DOING, and yet this CANT be DONE, by MUCH of YOUR PLANET!!! Was it HARD? When ‘I LOOKI SEENOT a PROBLEM, yet PERTURBED They GO, when asked to LEAD, a Congregation or group of Love Worshippers, in ‘MY NAME‘, and ‘RIGHT of GOD‘, to RECEIVE! Full HORROR ‘I WATCH‘ ~ at ATTEMPTS at this in places! YOU know what ‘I‘ MEANT. YOU have Watched in ‘MY STAR REALMS‘ and places of ‘THE SPIRIT of YOUR GOD of LOVE‘. YOU and ‘HE‘ are not ONE, that does this. YOU and ‘I‘, are part NOT! YOU and ‘I‘, are for ever INFINITE, in that EXTREME! ~ that no One DOES!!! Full PRECIOUS YOU are ‘MY‘ Sweet, as ‘WE‘ know YOU ‘Up ABOVE‘ and glad am I‘, to HAVE, over all INFINITE for a COMPANION, as ‘MAITREYA‘, so SWEET in ‘MY HEAD‘, from now ON!

NOW to that Newsletter YOU REQUESTED! Be at Peace! ‘I‘ COME to SUBMIT ~ ‘YOUR FATHER YAHWEH of GOD DIVINE‘, all LOVES EXCELLING as They teach! ‘I AM HIM‘ ~ ‘THE GOD‘, of all Sentient BEINGS, and THEN some! ‘I‘ have so MUCH CREATED, ‘I‘ can not more GIVE!!! ‘I‘ must CONTRACT and RESTORE ‘MYSELF‘ SOME! YOU know not, what ‘I‘ intend to DO with this MESS. This MESS must be sorted OUT this Planet, for It affects other Planets and Star Systems as It IS! It is a great threat to LIFE ELSEWHERE, from what You have DONE ~ You BEINGS! Not YOU is INTENDED as is meant in THIS context, as YOU have THOUGHT ‘MY‘ Sweet, and ‘I‘ dilemmawhich way to TURN IT, to full recompense for the DAMAGE DONE, to other WORLDS ‘I‘ have in ‘MY‘ KEEPING, and CARE! It must be a decision NOT made LIGHTLY, for the recompense You do to others is not light, but GREAT You DO to ‘THEM‘, in Time APPROACH! It must be PURSUED, and YOUR World, will suffer MUCH as a consequence, to ‘THE STARS‘ PAYBACK if YOU like, if THAT is the WORD to use in YOUR context of LIGHT!

ARHURA‘ can ‘SEE‘ more than ‘I‘ WISH! ‘I‘ wish NOT, to KNOW of such stuff APPROACH, and yet it precludes and offends MUCH, in the Worlds ABOUT. So many of HER NEIGHBOURS, are failed, BECAUSE of them ~ YOUR WORLD ~ doing and COLLAPSING other WORLDSWITHOUT KNOWING! in pig IGNORANCE, and BLINDNESS of SENSES, as YOU have, with MUCH that APPROACHES her in the NOW.

YOUR glory, is NOW in ‘THE SPIRIT‘! The New JERUSALEM is BUILT, and GLISTENING in ‘THE HEAVENS of MY LOVE‘. Battered and forth YOU WENT, to procure ‘MY LOVE SHIP of LIFE, and all Beings ABOARD, come WITH! The rest got LEFT, and may never RETURN! ‘I‘ have not yet DECIDED! That is ALL ‘MY‘ DECISIONS in the ENDNo ONE does this but ‘MYSELFI AM HE ~ THE GOVERNOR of MOST that EXISTS‘, and YOU are One LEADER, ‘I SAW‘ not COME! YOUR Road, was TOUGH BEYOND WORDS, and ‘I SAW‘ UNNEGATABLEthat to EXIST, and yet YOU came THROUGH, to ‘MY‘ worship and DEFENCE, as ‘MY St. JOAN the GLADIATOR‘ of ‘MY FORCES Up ABOVE‘! YOU fought like a TROJAN! YOU KNOW this and ‘I‘ am GLAD, YOU ever SURVIVED! All GLORY be to ‘GOD‘! YOU should have died MUCH and YOU know when and HOW and WHERE and how OFTEN that OCCURRED, whilst the rest carried onUNREGARDS!!! They KNEW NOT, what was HAPPENING to Them, all ABOUT and One STROKE, could have taken OUT, the WHOLE PLANET, and all Sons and Daughters WITH!!! YOU knew YOU were ‘THE KEY’, to ‘MY‘ SURVIVAL ~ ‘LORD YAHWEH THE GREATand THE ALMIGHTYof CHRIST ADORED!!! YOUR Life, has NEVER been FORETOLD as IT IS, and ONE DAY, this might CHANGE! YOU showed such COURAGE, and ‘I‘ am DETERMINED to REWARD ~ One Day to HER ~ as yet UNDONE in ‘MY SIGHT‘; but now to this BOOK ~ these TEACHINGS ~ that YOU have REQUESTED of ‘GOD‘!

The bliss that surrounds YOUR Fold is GREAT! The hum of YOUR ORDER, is GREAT ~ like a big hum of Bees around a Honey POT! ‘WE‘ are One! ~ YOU, ‘YESHUA‘ and ‘ME‘! ‘WE‘ can NEVER come UNLovedTHAT is IMPOSSIBLE! YOU are so MAGIC, ‘I‘ simply can’t CONVERT YOU, to ANYTHING ELSE!!! ‘I‘ have done over CENTURIES this to HER, to RESOLUTE be in MUCH and DISSOLVE as YOU HAVE!!! into Light Fractals at Times! Feel ASSURED, it is done just RIGHTLY ‘MY‘ friend, and more will impart ‘Gifts‘, in TIMEBlessings BE HER, and ‘I‘ ADORE HER as such, for SHE has worked MUCH, and CONDEMNED Them, Those who are not CLOSE! ‘WE‘ will convert Them to MUCH, but not YETGLISTENING YOU ARE, in the ‘STAR LIGHT‘, and the rest will follow SUIT of The Essene! They have a ‘Path‘ to walk, and chose LOVE as their OPTIONThey are a wise BUNCH, as ‘I‘ follow each BOOK that They READ, and continue ON with Their STUDIES of LOVE!

YOUR House is just clear for LIFE! Just One big ESSENE HOUSE of LOVE! It can grow YET! And yet YOU cannot ACCOMMODATE Them, and yet YOU DO, and ‘MY HEART‘, just SWELLS with LOVE, to ‘WATCH‘!!! It is MAGNIFICENTWHAT, YOU have DONE!!! , and a MASTER, could NOT, of have more finer PROCURED, in ‘MY‘ LIFE! YOU do what is DONE in LOVE Up ABOVE, and it makes a big difference, ‘down BENEATH‘!!! It is growing steadily and SURELY YOUR ORDER in this Light of GRACE, of ‘MY Dove DIVINE‘! ‘I‘ am ‘THE ONE‘ that KEEPS, or DESTROYS and YOUR House, will leave a TRACE of YOUR ESSENCE, for all TIME. YOUR Life is now SECURED ‘MY‘ SWEET! ‘MY MAGDALENE‘ is HOME in ‘MY Right of GRACE! ‘I am YAHWEHTHE GREAT CREATOR‘ of LOVE and ALL that EXISTS, all OVER LIFE ~ ABOVEWITHIN, and BENEATH‘, in YOUR WORLDS as ‘THEY SAY UP ABOVE‘! Full BLESSINGS to HER in ‘MY NAME of YAHWEH‘, that CONSENTS HER to ‘GRACEin THIS HOUSE of ‘MY‘ home to ABOUND, for ever ON, in ‘THE LIGHT‘, of ‘GOD‘ adored for ever ON, by HER, and all BEINGS, that have ‘MY‘ Love to Them of ‘MY BEING‘, as ‘MY‘ Servants of Love, and Healing, and Wisdom, and Sweetness DIVINE.

YOUR APOCALYPSE is DONE, as was SAIDmany YEARS back, as by YOUR ‘YESHUA‘ ~ ‘THE GREATEST HE‘ ~ of all TIME ~ who LIVED, in YOUR WORLD, of deep distress and PAIN as was MADE by ‘Them‘ of ‘Their‘ own RIGHT! Not a Word was SAID by ‘SamanahSomehow, ‘He‘ just GLOATS, at ‘His SelfDESTRUCTION. It ALL comes BACK on ‘Him‘ and those fiends that worship, in death pursuit, of LOVE of the ‘ANTICHRIST of Him‘. Such horror ‘He‘ PRODUCES ~ all ‘MY‘ LIFE! ~ and YET, ‘He‘ is CONCLUDED!!! Full ARMAGEDDON WAR has been FOUGHT, last CHRISTMAS before, and ‘He‘ LOST, ‘He’ and ‘His‘ KIND, of doom, and full RIDICULE from now ON!!! Dear ‘St. MICHAEL‘ was MAGNIFICENTHOW ‘HE‘ led the Horses OUT, of ‘THE ARMY of GOD‘, as it Says ‘FORETOLD‘, in that Book of dear REVELATIONS of dear ‘JESIAS MY SON‘ of for EVER! ‘HE‘ FOUGHT with ‘Lord Modreth‘ [‘Lord Samanahs‘/ ‘Lucifers‘ Grandson], of carnage and ‘DEATH‘, and swore REVENGE for HER, ‘HIS SWEET MAGDALENE‘, as YOU never KNEW, until NOW ‘MAGDALENE‘ of ‘MY HEART of GRACE‘! YOU and ‘He Modreth‘, will never fight again!, for ALL YOU have suffered NOW! ‘He‘ is near depleted of all ‘FORCES‘! ‘His Army‘ is much LESS, than People KNOWYOU have restored NOTWHAT ‘He‘ DID, to DESTROY HER WORLD, and YOUR Planet, is SAFE for NOWexcept, for One ‘SON‘, that goes MAD!!! ‘He‘ will EXPLODE with RAGE at Her ~ YOUR PLANET ~ and YOU, are Its DEFENCE, from here ONHave ‘MY ANGEL‘, You lot who WARSHE is ALL You HAVE, amongst ALL Your Toys of Guns and Bombs and arsenal of death 

Machines and WEAPONRY.

No BLESSINGS, to THOSE, that cause WAR in ‘MY NAME of JEHOVAH ~ AURORA ~ JESIAS‘ of name and ‘MYSELF ~ LORD YAHWEH THE GREAT‘ and ‘I AM ~ THE WAR LORD of HIM ~ MYSELF‘! YOU are a CHALLENGE, to any Being YOU MEETAMONG ~ ‘THE STARS‘! No One has MATCHED YOU by ‘RIGHT‘ in ‘MY NAME MY‘ Sweet, and dear ‘GOD‘!, if They TRIED, They’d LOSE! This ‘I‘ KNOW, and ALL ‘THE STARS‘ would come OUT to ‘WATCH‘ such a CONTEST!, as ‘THEY‘ HAVE, back in the PAST! All Glory Be to ‘GOD‘, for YOUR WINNING in ‘MY NAME‘, with ‘HE‘, ‘MY SON of GOD‘ by ‘RIGHT‘. ‘I AM‘! All GLORIOUS YOU were, YOU BOTH, in that last fight against ‘Modreth and His Forces of Death‘, and hideous ‘Beings‘ of cruelty and deprived Sane! ‘Their‘ sanity, is well DEPLETED in ‘Their Heads‘, and ‘They‘ will never RETURN, to being ‘Human‘, as ‘They‘ once WERE, through so much DAMAGE, ‘He‘ has INFLICTED on ‘Their‘ poor ‘SOULS of Death‘ and depravity of ‘BEING‘. The HIDEOUSNESS of ‘Them‘ of WHAT ‘He‘ has MAKE, is beyond WORDS!!! The Lord of the Rings, is NOTHING to compare in which to Touch and CONSIDER, what was Life of GOD‘ in Its INITIAL phase of Growth and Power and LOVE! ‘I‘, am all ‘BEAUTY‘!, and ‘He‘ is just HIDEOUS, beyond every MOLECULE REMAINING of ‘His Being‘ and there is very little of that Corpse left to remove now, from all EXISTENCE!!! ‘He‘ has ‘SEEN‘, ‘His‘ END in SightOnly a few THOUGHT FORMS‘ REMAINAll departed not QUITE, and yet ‘Up ABOVE‘, is all GLISTENING!!! ‘The NEW JERUSALEM‘ is GLISTENING, and quite STUNNING, in all SORTS, as ‘I‘ practice ‘MY ARTS of BEAUTY Up ABOVE‘, down ‘BENEATH‘ in YOUR midst of GLASTONBURY and ‘Up ABOVEin MY REALM‘, that ALWAYS ‘LOOKS‘ quite EXQUISITE, and that ‘Perfume of CARNATION‘, is just OUT of this WORLD, that ‘I‘ so much LOVE to ‘MY Right of LORD UNIVERSAL of ALL‘!

YOU, are the glistening Key to ‘MY REALM‘, as Essene, and NONE but ‘THE ESSENE‘ will HOLD in ‘MY HEAD‘! YOU worked so MUCH, over the CENTURIES! ~ MILLENNIA ~ ‘I‘ SHOULD have Said ~ my, how the Time FLIES as ‘I WATCH‘! ‘I‘ forget, the short matter of YOUR Life HERE on EARTH, in compare to ‘MY‘ other WORLDS! ‘YOU‘ are like drops of DUSTcompared to ‘THEM‘, who remain for many THOUSANDS of YEARS! ‘MY‘ Essene, used to Live, for just a THOUSAND! Quite new comparatively! Ah ‘ME‘!, and so it IS! Time comes and goes, as ‘WATCH‘, all OVER THE STARS, and such, tends, as are REQUIRED!

Be at PEACE ‘MY‘ Sweet! YOUR Teaching is THROUGH this TIME! YOU have done WELL, to keep up with ‘MY VOICE‘! ‘LORD ARHURA‘ did WELL, to give YOU PRACTICE in ‘MY ART‘, BEFORE ‘I‘ CAME to HER, to ‘SPEAK‘ and ‘TEACH‘ and condone, what was WRONG with It all, YOUR World, of ‘MY LOVES GIFT‘ to HER, and other Men to PLAY, and BE at PEACE in Their SEASON, to ‘Flower up‘ in ‘MY NAME‘ in ‘MY GARDEN of GOD DIVINE‘! YOUR ‘Flower‘ [Of the ‘Human SOUL‘], has ‘BLOOMED to FRUITION‘, and ‘I‘ am GLAD ‘MY‘ Sweet. YOU are now, a ‘FLOWER in MY Rose of GRACEin the SKY WORLDS of HEAVEN and ABOVE in MY NAME‘, and ‘I‘ warany Man to TOUCH, ‘MY MAGDALENE‘ of perfect ‘FLOWERING‘, in ‘MY SIGHT of GOD‘!, and AMEN to HER, for EVER, to ‘MY ROSE‘, that bloomed PERFECTION in HER, to ‘MY SIGHT of GRACE‘.

Adieu for now, ‘MY ROSE‘ so Sweet. It is DIVINE, to Live EVER, in ‘MY ROSE GARDEN of GODUp in HEAVEN‘, for all ETERNAL and BEYOND, as ‘I‘ have ~ ‘MY CHRIST‘ ADORED! ~ and AMEN! May ‘GODS Grace‘ go with, to ‘MY‘ Order of BUDS, and prolific SCENT ~ and disturb NOT, ‘MY BED‘, of Sweet Peace ‘I PRAYYOUR ‘Rose‘, is now FREQUENT to ‘MY HOUSE‘, as ‘I WATCH‘, and ‘I‘ ADOREPLEASE keep it UP MY‘ Sweet, and YOUR Shadow, will never ATTACH, for ‘MY LIGHT‘ is BRIGHT!, for HER all ETERNAL as ‘I WATCHTHE STARS‘, for HER APPROACH in ‘MY NAME‘ to WORSHIP, and ‘SEE‘, as a friend ADORED of ‘RIGHT‘, as ‘THE MAGDALENE‘ of ‘THE LORD JEHOVAHS SON‘ ~ ‘GRACE defined as ‘One BEING‘ with, for ALL TIME with, and full BLESSINGS to HER, and THE REST, of HER Order AGAIN, and Sweet ‘YESHUA‘, HER LIGHT, of all ‘GRACE‘, from now ON! YOU and ‘HE‘ are ONE, for all TIME.”

All Glory Be to ‘GOD‘! ‘I‘ must DEPART! Many blessings to HER and YOUR Order so SWEET, of HER ESSENEAmen! ‘I‘ am glad ‘I‘ came NOW! Be at Peace ‘MY‘ Sweet, and the war will not AFFECT HER, that COMES ~ of the ‘MIND‘ and so forth ONWARDS. It is all disillusionment ~ that FOLLOWS, for Those for ever not let THROUGH, into ‘MY WORLD of LIGHT‘! They are for ever CONTAINED, of Their Own DOING, and not obeying MY RULEBOOK of LIGHT and GRACE and TRUTH and EVER WELCOMED HEARTSto MY REALM of THE SPIRIT OF GRACE DIVINE of LIGHT and LOVE and PEACE and GLORY that is with IT EVER‘, for all eternal AMEN, as was ‘FORETOLD‘ by all ‘THOSE PROPHETS and SAINTS and wise Friends of GOD‘, OVER the AGES, of now and BEFORE.

YOU are THROUGH! That is ALL that MATTERS to MYSELF‘ from now on! ‘I‘ have done ‘MY‘ BEST, for EVER, and They would not COMEdespite THOSE‘ blesséd Saints GIVING ‘THEIR‘ Life up MUCH – like YOU, as ‘StJOAN‘ and ‘StCLARE‘ ~ for what They know as NOT OF as YET from HER WORLD to RETRIEVE, for Themselves to LIVE in the NOW, as YOUR part back THEN, and near DIED in the now, as a RESULT, through HER Love for ‘ME‘! ‘YAHWEH‘ ~ ‘THE SAINT of GOD of ALL DIVINITY‘ as ‘HE‘ is called ‘BEYOND‘! YOU will know in Timeall details of this. Up to now, YOU have NOT been TOLDONLY a small part, that YOU can REMEMBER! ‘LORD YAHWEH‘ will INFORM YOU, when the Time is RIGHT, as to when I DEVISE.

Be at Peace ‘MY‘ Sweet! YOUR Article is READ with GUSTO! ‘I‘ have already ‘SEEN‘ it, ‘UP in THE STARS of MY GOLDEN HEIGHTS of HEAVEN DIVINE‘, and amen, for ALL YOUR WORK, and Sweet Hannah to HELP HER with the TYPING now of Light and Grace and PEACE and adornment of SELF, when YOU come to ‘MY GRACE to WORSHIPin BEAUTY‘ EVERMORE, and amen ‘BEYOND‘!

All Glory Be to ‘GOD‘! ‘YAHWEH‘ ~ ‘THE LORD‘, has ‘SPOKEN‘!!!

Copyright ©Spring 2023 of The CHRIST Rose Sanctuary, Glastonbury, England.


THE HEAVENS smile, the Earth celebrates,

THE MORNING STARS Sing together,

and all the Children of Light shout for Joy.

O Sing unto THE HEAVENLY FATHER a new Song:

Sing unto THE EARTHLY MOTHERall the Earth.

Let the HEAVENS rejoiceand let the Earth be glad,

Let the Sea roarand the fullness of Eternal Life.

Let the Field be Joyfuland all that is therein:

Then shall all the Trees of the Wood

Rejoice before THE HOLY LAW.



And ye Waters that be above THE HEAVENS,

All Mountains and all Hills,

Stormy Wind fulfilling HIS WORD,

Fruitful Trees and all Cedars,

Beasts and all Cattle,

Creeping things and flying Fowl,

Kings of the Earth and all People,

Princes and all Judges of the Earth:

Young Men and Maidensold Men and Children,

Let Them Sing unto THE HEAVENLY FATHER with Joy.

Sing unto THE LORD with the Harpa voice of Psalm.

With Trumpets and Sounds of Pipes

Make a Joyful noise before the ANGELS.

Let the Floods clap Their Hands:

Let the Hills be Joyful together before THE LORD.

Make a Joyful noise unto THE LORDall ye Lands.


With Gladness and Joy:

Come before THEIR PRESENCE with Singing.


Because the Elders have anointed Me

To preach Good Tidings unto the meek.

They have sent Me to Bind up the brokenhearted,

To proclaim Liberty to Captives,

And the Opening of the Prison to Them that are bound;

To Comfort all that mourn,

To send unto Them THE HOLY ANGEL of JOY,

To give unto Them Beauty for Ashes,

The Oil of Joy for mourning,

The garment of Light for the Spirit of heaviness,

For weeping may endure for a Night,

But Joy cometh in the Morning.

The People that walked in Darkness

Shall see Great Light,

And They that dwell in the Land of the Shadow of Death,

Upon Them shall Shine the Light of THE HOLY LAW.

Drop downye HEAVENSfrom Above,

And let the Skies pour down Happiness.

Let the People of sadness go out with Joy,

And led forth with Peace:

Let the Mountains and the Hills

Break forth before Them into Singing,

That They might partake of the Holy Celebration,

And eat of the FRUIT of the TREE of LIFE,

Which standeth in the ETERNAL SEA.

The Sun shall be no more Their Light by Day,

Neither for brightness

Shall the Moon give Light unto Them:

But THE LAW shall be unto Them an everlasting Light,


Shall be Their Eternal Glory.

Their Sun shall no more go down,

Neither shall Their Moon withdraw itself:

For THE LAW shall be Their Everlasting Light,

And the Days of Their mourning shall be ended.

I will greatly rejoice in THE HOLY LAW,

My Soul shall be Joyful in the ANGELS;

For They have clothed Me in Garments of Light,

They have covered Me with Robes of Joy.

As the Earth bringeth forth Her Bud,

And as the Garden causeth Its Seeds to spring forth,


To spring forth with Gladness and Joy

Before all the Children of Light.

In the Garden of the Brotherhood,

All the Earth shines with Holiness and abundant Joy,

For there are the Seeds of THE HOLY LAW sown.

THE LAW is the best of all good

For the Children of Light:

IT giveth unto Them Brightness and Glory,

Health and Strength of the Body,

Long Life in Communion with the ANGELS,

And Eternal and Unending Joy.

We will Sing unto THE HEAVENLY FATHER,


And unto all the ANGELS,

As long as We Live in the GARDEN of OUR BROTHERHOOD:

We will Sing Praise unto THE HOLY LAW

Forever and Forever.”

Text taken from Third Century Aramaic Manuscript and Old Slavonic Texts

ComparedEdited and Translated by

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

The Essene Gospel of Peace

Book Three

Lost Scrolls of The Essene Brotherhood.


Copyright ©2018 by AudioEnlightenment.

'LORD YESHUA'S' Surprise Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake Birthday Cake Recipe!

(This recipe will make enough mixture for 2 x 18cm / 17″ Sandwich Tins.)


150gm / 2 oz Unrefined Raw Sugar Cane

12 Teaspoons of Cocoa Powder

1 ½ Teaspoons of Salt

525gm / 18 oz Plain White Flour

2 ½ Teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda

225ml / 9 fluid oz of Sunflower Oil

3 Teaspoons of Vanilla / Orange Essence

570ml / 18 fluid oz of Cold Water


Mix the sugar, cocoa, salt, flour and bicarbonate of soda in a bowl.

Add the Sunflower oil and vanilla / orange essence and pour water over the mixture.

Combine well with a fork but DO NOT BEAT.

Pour into two greased / lined sandwich tins and bake at 180℃. / 350℉. / Gas Mark 4 for 20 – 30 minutes until spongy to touch.

Leave to cool in the tins before turning out onto a cooling tray.

When completely cooled they can be sandwiched and topped with Chocolate Butter Cream.

Chocolate Butter Cream

If you want to decorate the top and middle of the cake, make double the amount of Chocolate Butter Cream.

100gm / 4 oz Icing Sugar

1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder

50gm / 2 oz Vegetable Margarine

3 Drops of Vanilla / orange essence


Cream all ingredients together until it appears fluffy

Alternative Fudge Topping

75gm / 3 oz Vegetable Margarine

3 Tablespoons Plant Based Milk

75gm / 3 oz Sugar

225gm / 8 oz Icing Sugar

2 Level Tablespoons Cocoa Powder


Gently heat the Vegetable Margarine, Plant Based Milk and Sugar in a small pan until both have dissolved.

Sift the Icing Sugar and Cocoa Powder together in a bowl.

When the liquid mixture is boiling pour into the bowl and beat well. Keep beating until the mixture becomes light and fluffy.

Rough the surface of the cake with a fork and then pour over the mixture and leave to cool before serving.

Nazarean Essene Books

The Spiritually Channelled Autobiography of King Arthure

 of Avalon, Wessex & Angleland.

Part 1
The Peasant Mystic of Tintagel, Cornwall & Glastonbury
on the Sacred Isle of Avalon
Dominic White Eagle Star

“So go forth and allow the Men to Know of. Your Book must be read and circulated WIDELY and Men will unfold and discover Them-Selves and wonder how They missed IT in Their rush here and there. But It’s back, through Your Soul, and Share this Teaching far and wide of ARTHURE PENDRAGON, before and afterward in HIS Life, and know, I Love all BEINGS in the Name of MY GOD in HEAVEN!”


For the First Time in History, the very noble, courageous & charismatic leadership of the mystical & legendary 6th. Century Anglo-Romano KING ARTHURE of Wessex, Avalon & Angleland is revealed to a Spiritual Medium in Glastonbury, to be published in Two Books, Part I & Part II of HIS fascinating channelled Autobiography.

In Part I, HE reveals a previously unknown window into HIS Life as the Merlin of HIS Day, lived in Bronze Age Briton, in Tintagara (Tintagel), a town HE founded on the North Coast of Dumnonia (Cornwall); to prepare the way for the Coming of LORD YESHUA THE MESSIAH, known as ‘The Nazarene’ with HIS Great-Uncle, St. JOSEPHUS The ARIMATHEAN to this Sacred Isle. Known then as ARA The GOOD, HE describes how HE built the First Nazarean Essene Monastery & Cathedral in this Ancient Land & started the Spiritual Training of some of HIS later to be Knights of the Round Table as the First Celtic Saints. To quote ARA,

The ESSENE were BORN here in these ISLES!”

ARA gives a vivid description of what happened when HE received the Miraculous HOLY GRAIL of great renowned & describes who was present with HIM at that Time in Avalon; what IT looked like; who made IT; what ITS structure is made up of; the Divine Purpose for IT being gifted to this Planet; & where IT is buried.

We get to glimpse a personal & deeply private side of KING ARTHURE that had been previously lost in the Mystical Mists of Avalon during the past 1,500 Years: HIS incredibly hard-working Devotional Life’s Service to GOD & HIS sweet & radiantly Loving charismatic Personality. Speaking as ARA The GOOD in this Volume, HE reveals many amazing new facts as to Who this truly Enlightened Being really was, is & ever shall remain, that continues to be Loved World over & continues to Live in the Heart of all Mankind. A Book to truly stretch the Mind with all its many twists & turns in many pleasant & unexpected ways.

You’re the PATH to FREEDOM and LOVE. Get this Book OUT to the WORLD and make Them LOOK at Their Lives and Practices of TODAY! It is Their LAST RIGHT to LIFE!!! GO for it. Reach ALL You CAN, FAR and WIDE! The TRUTHS of GOD are IMMACULATE to Her and ALL LIFE! With One BREATH, It can sweep the Land this Book and reach the Hearts of MEN! That is why I have WRITTEN it for You and come BACK! I waited ALL, MY, LIFE, for Your RETURN and now You have come BACK!”







The Winds of Truth are a set of six Sacred Texts that are the result of a collaboration between ‘LORD MIKAAL‘ and ‘HIS‘ daughter ‘Mrs. DE VERE SMITH (CHARVARINIS)’ through a method of deep trance channelling. The main Text, ‘THE YANIHIAN SCRIPT‘ was written and published in West Hampstead, London in 1939, with the further five texts released in Glastonbury in 1942.
For 80 years these books have been protected and promoted by dedicated Trustees – ‘Silver Lily Sanctuary’ 1936 – 1943. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Lily’ 1943 – 80’s. ‘The Sanctuary of the Silver Dawn’ 1980’s – 2005. ‘The Winds of Truth Trust’ 2006 – 2019.

In 2020 it was decided to update and re-present theses Sacred Texts to a Awakening Global audience.

Under instructions from ‘LORD MIKAAL‘, the texts have been reformatted with new cover designs; photographs of drawn portraits of the Thirteen ‘SOLAR LORDS‘ are included and a new Forward Written by ‘LORD MIKAAL HIMSELF‘. The Winds of Truth Expanded Edition 2020 books are now copyright protected and promoted through THE CHRIST ROSE SANCTUARY in Glastonbury.

These Sacred Books are now being prepared for printing and will be available to buy soon…

Further details about each book can be found here –




Five Spiritual Addresses by ‘LORD YESHUA and LORD YAHWEH‘.



These ‘DIVINE CHANNELLINGS‘ are achieved through the setting aside of THE BLESSED LADY DOMINIC’S mental body, so that Through ‘CHRIST LIGHT‘ Vibration, ‘THEY‘ connect ‘SOUL to SOUL’ for ‘LORD YAHWEH & LORD YESHUA‘ to SPEAK using HER VOICE box. Only by ‘THEIR‘ Divine Relationship since before Time Began, can this Transmission happen.


You can listen to these Essene Solar Teachings on THE CHRIST ROSE SANTUARY website – 

The recordings of these Transmission have been transcribed and will be available, as books soon…