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Coming Soon! All four Addresses from LORD YAHWEH and LORD YESHUA to be available in a hardback book soon. Watch this space for the release date.

I am THE LIGHT of the World cover

From cover picture of LORD YESHUA Arriving in AVALON with HIS 144,000 strong Venusian Royal Escort, taken from the base of Glastonbury Tor Burr. 17/09/2020

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters of The Light,

This website is a portal for the Living Nazarean Essene Truths. Under the Instructions of LORD YAHWEH, we are releasing Divine Teachings through books, videos and webinars that Lay the Foundations to restore HEAVEN on Earth; in a NEW SILVER AGE of LIFE and LOVE.

The Nazarean Essenes are not a religious or a philosophical group. We are a Community of friends, united in Our Love for GOD. The Nazarean Essenes wear White of the Light and Connect with THE HEAVENLY REALMS, as Witnesses to LORD YESHUA’S Ascension to THE CHRIST REALMS. Here is an excerpt from LORD YESHUA’S Zoom Talk 1 ~


“In REALITY I AM just LIGHT, I rose above such physical vehicles. Even in THE SPIRIT WORLD, I AM just LIGHT. MY SPIRIT Form is diminished much beyond Existence, MY HEAVEN REALM and I got back to LIGHT in THE TRUE KINGDOM of EXISTENCE. Even THAT was a shadow to where I AM now. I have continued to Rise in the HEAVEN WORLDS of EXISTENCE. I will never cease this Journeys vehicle to THE CHRIST BEYOND. I Wish to attain IT more than you Know. That Intention will never leave. Of MY Wish, is that you will Follow where MY FOOTS have Trod. These Teachings are Gifted that you might Follow that Purpose, to Follow in MY Tracks in the SILVER FOOTSTEPS of JESIAS; MY HEAVENLY RISEN NAME, as always was before I fell to Galilee and the VIRGIN MARY, MY Mother. In that Existence was YESHUA, who most of You remember ME as. Yet I AM JESIAS in THE STARS and all KINGDOMS know this, but the EARTH. They simply forgot and dishonour ME with the name Jesus, for that was never MY NAME and never will remain; and this is LAW of GOD. I AM Beyond that Roman insult. It was an insult that name and I will never have it back in MY LIFE. I am LORD YESHUA of the Galilea; a Nazarite Rabbouni and Teacher of Men, and JESIAS of THE STARS. THE ETERNAL of ALL. ONE with JEHOVAH, LORD and MESSIAH of THE TRINITY with MY MOTHER SWEET, AURORA by NAME in MY BEING. WE are THE TRINITY in ONE. JEHOVAH-AURORA-JESIAS. THE FATHER, THE MOTHER and THE SON.”


Spiritual Addresses by LORD YESHUA and LORD YAHWEH

These DIVINE CHANNELLINGS are Achieved through the setting aside of THE BLESSED LADY DOMINIC'S mental body, so that Through CHRIST LIGHT Vibration LORD YAHWEH & LORD YESHUA are PRESENT to SPEAK using HER VOICE box. Only by Their Divine Relationship since before Time Began, can this Transmission Happen.

To assist in the release of the Nazarean Essene Teachings of LORD YESHA and LORD YAHWEH in Books for a Spiritually hungry world, your donations are greatly appreciated.

The Blessed Lady Dominic

The Magdalene
Meditation Group with The Blessed Lady Dominic:
Sunday January 3rd 7.00pm

New Beginners General Meditation and Spiritual Self-Development Zoom Teaching Evenings with Rev.d Sister Dominic, The Magdalene of YESHUA.

Just a reminder everyone, that my new Beginners General Meditation and Spiritual Self-Development Zoom online fortnightly Teaching Evenings will be beginning as formerly announced on Thursday, 8th. October, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time.

Teaching by donation

All are welcome, regardless of ability in this field.

We will forward out the link ID and Password to everyone that has registered their name and contact details on our Nazarean Essene www.thechristrosesanctuary.com website

I look forward to meeting up with you all there for these great fun evenings.

Peace be with you all
Rev.d Sister Dominic.