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Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters of The Light,

This website is a portal for the sharing of Nazarean Essene Living ‘TRUTHS’. Under the Instructions of LORD YAHWEH, we are releasing Divine Teachings through books, videos and webinars that Lay the Foundations to restore HEAVEN on Earth; in a NEW SILVER AGE of LIFE and LOVE.

What is the  Nazarean Essene WAY of THE LORD CHRIST that we practice here at The Christ Rose Sanctuary? – The ‘WAY’ that LORD YESHUA THE NAZAREAN TAUGHT, was not a religion or a philosophy. YESHUA taught the ‘ASTROGENY of GOD’, of HIS HEAVENLY FATHER and EARTHLY MOTHER CHRIST.

What is ‘SPIRITUAL ASTROGENY’? – ‘ASTROGENY’ is the ‘DIVINE STUDY of the TRUTHS of GOD’. There IS no Higher Religion than TRUTH!

Zechariah 8: 2-3, ‘The Lord promises that when HE returns to Zion, HE will “Dwell in the midst of Jerusalem”, and Jerusalem will be called The City of Truth.’

Second Edition of our New Quarterly E-Magazine, Winter 2022/23.



First Edition of our New Quarterly E-Magazine Autumn 2022.


LORD YAHWEHS First Teaching Address to the World Community

Spiritual Addresses by LORD YESHUA and LORD YAHWEH

John 16: 12-14.

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bare them now. When the Spirit of Truth comes, HE will guide you into all the Truth, for He will not Speak of HIS own Authority, but whatever HE Hears HE will Speak, and will Declare to you the things that are to come.”

These DIVINE CHANNELLINGS are Achieved through the setting aside of THE BLESSED LADY DOMINIC’S mental body, so that Through CHRIST LIGHT Vibration, THEY connect SOUL to SOUL for LORD YAHWEH & LORD YESHUA to SPEAK using HER VOICE box. Only by THEIR Divine Relationship since before Time Began, can this Transmission Happen.


A Final Plea to Humanity to "LOVE the World, NOW or NEVER " (with English Subtitles)

From THE LORD I AM, Gifted Through THE MAGDALENE from the Heart of Avalon. (English and German Subtitles)


Special Announcement & Celebration of SISTER HANNAH.

Peace be unto you all!

I am delighted to announce to you all, that after I had done my noontime Holy Essene Communion Prayers in the Temple with a very dear member of our Community and old friend, that BLESSED LORD YAHWEH joined us in there with THE HEAVENLY HOST and deeply honoured us with HIS immediate DIVINE PRESENCE. It is so very, very rare that HE comes to visit our badly humanly damaged Planet, that we both knew that something very special was about to take place, and it most certainly DID!

LORD YESHUA THE NEW MESSIANIC KING of HEAVEN came to officiate as HIS HIGH PRIEST for today and much to my dear Nasserite-ESSENE friends and my delight, welcomed my friend Hannah into THE LORD CHRISTS UNIVERSAL HOLY ORDER of the BLUE ROSE in HIS DIVINE NAME officially. She is only the second person during my life that has made the GRADE in HIS and LORD YESHUA’S SIGHT to be bestowed this great HONOUR in my life now.

THE ORDER of the BLUE ROSE was founded by our NASSERITE RABBOUNI YESHUA back in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago and HE placed HIS Mother Maryam, Mary Salome and myself HIS Magdalene in charge of it in HIS NAME. Back then, it was founded to be just a Nazarean-Essene Holy Order for the Women as WE lived in such a patriarchal society at the time. This work continued from the age of 17 years in my lifetime now and has never ceased; it has just ever grown more and more and more in all ways! When you teach the DIVINE TRUTHS of HEAVEN the Human Soul recognises them as Truth and they resonate powerfully within their Hearts, and from that moment on, nothing and nobody will be able to persuade you to believe anything else relating to that particular topic in question, because the TRUTH stands in ITS own right and IS just THAT, and nothing BUT THE TRUTH!

A person that has made the GRADE in the EYES of THE ALMIGHTY LORD CHRIST YAHWEH as LORD YESHUA did and I, from that day forth receives the highest of all honour and respect in the HEAVENLY REALMS. Everybody you meet, stops and bows down to you out of reverence that you are stood in their presence and you are allowed to enter into THE HEAVENLY HOLY of HOLIES of LORD YAHWEH HIMSELF, which is a very, very privileged place of the few! A fully inaugurated member of THE LORD CHRIST’S HOLY ORDER of the BLUE ROSE is permitted to stand in the direct PRESENCE of CHRIST and look upon HIM (bare footed of course) as only the mighty SERAPH are allowed to also. ARCHANGELS and the rest of all of HIS manifestations of Creation have to cover THEIR EYES with THEIR WINGS and are not permitted this huge honour that dear Hannah has been gifted this day.

During the person’s inauguration ceremony, LORD YESHUA places a stunningly beautiful Lapis-Blue Gentian coloured hybrid-T (what I think of as a Harry Wheatcroft style of Rose form) coloured, single, thornless, Spiritual Rose flower etherically above the Crown Chakra of the honoured Soul in their Spiritual Auric Field, that will remain there for eternity in recognition in CHRIST’S EYES of this trainee Nasserite-Essenes great achievement this day, as a very beautiful adornment of GREAT BEAUTY for all to see that meet THEM from this day forth and ever more into their future lives. The fragrance of it is out of this World quite literally!

Hannah has worked so hard to reach this universally recognised place of Spiritual Honour, Nobility and very Deep Respect in the EYES of THE HEIRARCHY of GOD in HEAVEN this day, from henceforth, she has earned the DIVINE RIGHT to be known in THE ALMIGHTY GREAT NAME of LORD YAHWEH, to be known as SISTER HANNAH to the World, and I am very sure that you will all join with me to wish her many CONGRATULATIONS today, on achieving her place in CHRIST’S HEAVENLY CROWN up upon HIGH!

She is a great Teacher and a Healer and I know that you will all enjoy getting to meet with her in future times! Well done dear Sister Hannah! Many CONGRATULATIONS again to you, and PEACE will literally be WITH YOU now, as you walk through life now, the same as the Prophet Enoch and I, literally ONE with GOD! All Praise and Glory be unto GOD for allowing me to share in and bare witness to the most BEAUTIFUL DAY in your LIFE’S entire EXISTENCE!

All Blessings BE to you my dear friend! Amen. Amen. Amen.

Maitreya Dominic, The World Teacher and Messenger of GOD.

Coming Soon! All five Addresses from LORD YAHWEH and LORD YESHUA to be available in a hardback book soon. Please give a donation towards publication.-

From cover picture of LORD YESHUA Arriving in AVALON with HIS 144,000 strong Venusian Royal Escort, taken from the base of Glastonbury Tor Burr. 17/09/2020

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